Bizarre footage shows mysterious ‘spinning UFO’ lighting up night sky over city in front of stunned crowd 

Bizarre footage shows mysterious ‘spinning UFO’ lighting up night sky over city in front of stunned crowd 

INCREDIBLE footage shows mysterious “spinning UFO” lighting up the night sky over a city and stunning a crowd of people.

In the clip a group of friends can be seen chatting on the street as one of them notices an illuminated object in the sky.

Jam Press VidA strange UFO was spotting flying above a city[/caption]

Jam Press VidThe aircraft appears to rotate while hovering in the darkness[/caption]

The cameraperson zooms in on the strange aircraft, apparently rotating while hovering in the night air.

The object’s lights suddenly go out as it seemingly shoots off into space.

The final scene appears to show another group of pals filming the same UFO from a different part of the city just as the object vanishes from view.

The alleged alien encounter took place in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, this week.

The authorities have yet to respond to the claims that the object was extraterrestrial.

Footage of the sighting has been widely shared on Facebook and X, formerly known as Twitter.

One person joked: “It’s Santa bringing me my gifts.”

Another wrote: “I saw exactly the same thing here in Mexicali about 11 or 12 years ago. God knows what it is.”

Jaime remarked: “I’ve seen them too. Not everyone sees them, but they’re spectacular.”

Esperanza commented: “They’re getting closer!”

Reynaldo wrote: “The Martians have arrived.”

Sue said: “It is a drone!”

This is not the only UFO related sighting reported recently.

In November we told how investigators are convinced something “very sinister” is at play in a Peruvian village said to be being terrorised by mysterious 7ft creatures.

Petrified locals in San Antonio de Pintuyacu blamed “yellow-eyed” beasts for the attempted abduction of a teenage girl and even claimed the mysterious attackers tried to remove her face.

Jam Press VidA group of friends chatted as the flying object soared overhead[/caption]

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