Cops arrest glamorous drug trafficker in huge raid… before realising she’s their chief’s girlfriend

Cops arrest glamorous drug trafficker in huge raid… before realising she’s their chief’s girlfriend

COPS arrested a glamorous drug trafficker in a huge raid in Colombia – only to realise she’s their captain’s girlfriend.

Michellys Lorena Marino Restrepo was handcuffed by Metropolitan Police in Barranquilla following a raid in the city’s San José neighbourhood.

Facebook/Michellys L Marino RestrepoGlamorous drug trafficker Michellys Lorena Marino Restrepo was arrested following a raid in the Colombian city of Barranquilla[/caption]

During the investigation, it emerged that she was the girlfriend of the local police captain – Leandro Aldemar Urena PoloFacebook/Michellys L Marino Restrepo

Colombian National PoliceMarino Restrepo was caught with roughly 2kg of cocaine[/caption]

Local reports claim roughly 2kg of cocaine, a revolver with six cartridges, a vehicle and three mobile phones were seized, according to the Daily Star.

Marino Restrepo is now facing charges related to the manufacturing, trafficking and carrying of both drugs and firearms.

The operation was ordered by the National Police and assigned to the Sabanalarga Police Station.

But during the investigation, however, it emerged that Marino Restrepo was in a relationship with the station’s captain – Leandro Aldemar Urena Polo.

As things stand, there has been no indication that Urena Polo had any direct involvement with his girlfriend’s alleged crimes.

It was reported that he remained at the police station while the raid was conducted, which “raised questions” according to local news outlet Alertas Mundial.

Investigations are continuing into the relationship between Urena Polo and Marino Restrepo.

It comes as General William Salamanca, the head of Colombia’s National Police, implemented a purge of officers in the country in recent months.

As a result, the number arrested for corruption has skyrocketed.

Speaking earlier this year, General Salamanca said: “That is a commitment of all of us, of the general director, of the Corps of Generals.

“We are interested in having an institution much closer to the community, but reliable, and in this task we have captured 510 police officers, a figure of 25% more compared to the previous year.

“We do not tolerate any hint of corruption in the institution.”

General Salamanca gained worldwide notoriety earlier this year for his role in the rescue of Liverpool footballer Luis Diaz’s father.

Luis Manuel Díaz Jimenez, 58, feared he wouldn’t make it out alive as he endured a terrifying 12-day ordeal after being kidnapped by ELN guerrillas in Colombia.

Elsewhere in Colombia, a comedian and activist from the United States has been kidnapped and killed during a trip to the South American country, his heartbroken family says.

Tou Ger Xiong, 50, was reportedly taken hostage while abroad after meeting up with a woman he had met on social media.

And police officer Alexa Narvaez posed braless with team colours covering her boobs in a recent social media video.

Alexa Narvaez went viral in October when she celebrated her side America de Cali’s goal while working from the side of the pitch.

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