I made £11,000 in a MONTH doing job no one wants –  it’s completely remote but helped me save loads of cash

I made £11,000 in a MONTH doing job no one wants –  it’s completely remote but helped me save loads of cash

A WOMAN who made a whopping £11,000 a month doing an unpopular job has shared clips from her working day.

The TikToker who goes by @serendipidadetravels revealed the highs and lows of the bizarre and remote occupation.

TikTok/@serendipidadetravelsA woman has shared how she made £11,000 in a month while working a remote job[/caption]

TikTok/@serendipidadetravelsShe works at a mine in Australia and has shared clips of her day to day life[/caption]

TikTok/@serendipidadetravelsFood and accommodation is free at the mine[/caption]

In one clip she explains how the lucrative job “scared” her as she must work in desolate areas and is “flown into different sites.”

But she later realised it was “such an easy way to make money” and even gets free food and accommodation.

The travel fanatic worked in an Australian mine for 12 hours a day to fund her adventures.

Although she admits there is “nothing to do” she actually finds that her boredom helps her focus on exercising and healthy eating.

In one TikTok she can be seen working out before heading into the dining hall to enjoy a delicious-looking buffet.

In another video she revealed she makes a pretty penny in a clip titled “how I made 11k while travelling.”

Further footage gives a brief breakdown of the traveller’s day.

It starts by showing a picturesque sunrise with the caption “6am included waking up at sunrise to collect laundry.”

It then cuts to 7.30am when breakfast is served.

The TikToker opted for some scrambled eggs and two toasted muffins.

Next, from 9am to 14.00, workers clean and tidy their rooms before having a break and restocking the fridge.

The second part of the day is more tiring as at 16.00 the bins have to be taken out, at 16.30 the laundry must be done and at 17.30 she helps the chef prepare dinner.

And, finally, after an action packed day – the fitness enthusiast still has enough energy for a “cheeky workout”.

This is not the only time someone has opted for an unpopular job that rakes in the cash.

Earlier this month we told of a man who does a job no one wants so he only has to work half the year and earns 8,000 a month.

Richard Detering shared how he has embarked on the unusual career as it enables him to focus on his true passion – bodybuilding.

TikTok/@serendipidadetravelsIn one clip the TikToker enjoys a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and toasted muffins[/caption]

TikTok/@serendipidadetravelsThe job is so remote workers have to be flown in to the mine[/caption]

TikTok/@serendipidadetravelsAlthough the traveller admits there is nothing to do at the mine she finds this helpful as she can focus on healthy eating and exercise[/caption]

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