Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu vows war with Hamas ‘isn’t close to finished’ during trip to northern Gaza

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu vows war with Hamas ‘isn’t close to finished’ during trip to northern Gaza

ISRAELI prime minister vows that the war with Hamas ‘isn’t close to finished’ during his trip to the Northern Gaza.

Benjamin Netanyahu promised to continue fighting until Hamas “is finished”.

The Israeli prime minister visited IDF soldiers in the Northern GazaRex

He vowed that the war with Hamas isn’t over until ‘we finish them’Rex

During his visit to the Norther Gaza, the prime minister was briefed by IDF commanders on the progress of the war.

According to the press statement, the prime minister was told about the munitions IDF forces find in almost every building in the territory and on the extensive network of tunnels Hamas has built under Gaza “in the heart of civilian areas.”

Netanyahu spoke to the soldiers and promised to “protect their lives”.

He said: “I have two things to tell you: firstly we will do everything to protect your safety, your lives.

“We want [to complete] this mission but we want to protect you as much as possible.

“Secondly, we are not stopping. Anyone who talks about stopping — no. We’re not stopping.

“This war is going to go until the end. Until we finish them. No less than that.”

The prime minister tried to raise soldiers’ morale and told them to think of their families’ support.

“I know that you have left your families and that the families are supportive, that is something mighty, that is power, that is the key to victory,” he said.

This comes after Hamas rejected a week-long ceasefire offer in exchange for 40 hostages.

Israel has stepped up its ground operations in the “new capital of terror” in southern Gaza to hunt down “Gaza’s Bin Laden” – while the US says “serious ceasefire negotiations” are ongoing.

For 11 weeks, Israel’s military has been pounding Gaza City – razing much of it to the ground in an attempt to root out Hamas and destroy their infrastructure.

The UN estimates 1.9 million people have been displaced by the fighting so far and Israel’s new military evacuation orders are squeezing people into ever-smaller areas.

Many Gazans are lacking access to food, water and medicine after months of Israel’s bombardment and siege, which has made much-needed aid deliveries inside the Strip almost impossible.

Israel has acknowledged the human cost of their war – but blames Hamas for using civilians as human shields.

IDF forces have been ordering civilians to leave areas where they are operating – but this is becoming difficult in the 25 mile strip.

The Hamas-run health authorities in Gaza claim that over 20,000 have been killed since Israel began its relentless bombardment and invasion of the densely-populated enclave.

This includes 8,000 children and 6,200 women.

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