Top Putin crony who called for Ukrainian children to be killed ‘seriously ill after Moscow poison assassination attempt’

Top Putin crony who called for Ukrainian children to be killed ‘seriously ill after Moscow poison assassination attempt’

A LEADING Putin crony who called for Ukrainian children to be drowned is “seriously ill” after being poisoned, it has been reported.

Ukrainian military intelligence claimed Anton Krasovsky former director of Kremlin-backed channel RT, was reportedly the target of a Moscow assassination attempt.

Anton Krasovsky, 48, leading Putin propagandist

Krasovsky is the former director of Kremlin-backed media channel RT

He has come under fire even from his own colleagues for vile comments about the murder of Ukrainian children

Krasovsky, 48, initially said he was recovering in hospital, but a source in Ukrainian defence intelligence alleged he “continues to deteriorate”.

They also said his most recent messages were likely “not written by the propagandist himself”, according to the Kyiv post.

The suggestion is that he was targeted by an assassination bid in Moscow.

Krasovsky – a star state TV presenter – caused revulsion in October 2022 with his genocidal rant against Ukrainian children.

“Just drown those children, drown them in the Tysyna [River],” he had said in recorded TV comments that were not edited.

“You throw them in the river with a strong undercurrent…..”

He also called for the burning of Ukrainian children to death in huts in the Carpathian Mountains.

“Shove them right into their huts and burn them.”

He later apologised for these comments which caused outrage in Ukraine and around the world, and were seen as highlighting the barbarity of Putin’s propaganda machine.

Despite this, he was relieved of his executive role at Russian state TV.

Krasovsky posted on the Telegram on Sunday: “People have been asking if I’m alive, if everything is ok. Well, what can I say?

“My stomach twisted sharply, I started to feel sick, then fainted. I was taken to the clinic.

“I am gradually coming to my senses.”

In February, a Ukrainian court sentenced Krasovsky in absentia to five years in jail over his genocidal remarks.

He has made a number of incendiary claims during the war.

After 23 died in a Russian missile strike in Vinnytsia in July 2022, he declared: ”Vinnytsia is not enough.”

He hoped for a “final solution – a real, military one.”

And he defended the beheading of Ukrainian prisoners of war.

On TV protester Marina Ovsyannikova – a former editor who walked onto a state television news bulletin with an anti-war message, the foul-mouthed propagandist said:

“The bitch should be jailed for ten years.”

And he referred to Ukrainians as “animals” in broadcasts.

Regarding Ukraine children he later said: “Listen, I feel truly uneasy about somehow missing that red line [in what I said] about the children.

“Sometimes it happens that you get taken away while on air and you cannot stop.

“I apologise to everyone who got stunned by this.

“I beg [Russian RT head] Margarita [Simonyan] to pardon me.

“And I apologise to all those who saw this as wild and unthinkable. I hope you can forgive me.”

Simonyan – who had earlier warmly praised Krasovsky – said his TV comments were “savage and disgusting”.

“Perhaps Anton would explain himself by saying what temporary insanity it was caused by, and how it slipped off his tongue.”

She said: “It is hard to believe Krasovsky truly thinks children should be drowned.

“As of now I am suspending our cooperation, because neither myself, nor the rest of the RT team can allow even a hint of thought that any of us can share such nonsense .”

An investigation is reportedly underway.

The Putin crony was allegedly poisoned in a Moscow hit

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