I earn £80,000 a year doing job no one wants to do – no experience is needed and you get free access to swimming pool   

I earn £80,000 a year doing job no one wants to do – no experience is needed and you get free access to swimming pool   

A WOMAN shared she makes £80,000 a year in a job where no experience is needed and she gets a free access to swimming pool but there is one small snag.

A fly-in-fly-out worker in Australia shares the perks of her job online.

TiktTok/@ mimiroxy01A TikToker shared benefits of working on a fly-in-fly-out basis in Australia[/caption]

TiktTok/@ mimiroxy01She shared she gets to enjoy free access to a swimming pool and gym as one of the perks[/caption]

The TikTok user under name Mimi posted a video where she bragged about the benefits of her FIFO job.

She shared that she is able to make good money while all her expenses are covered by the employer.

The worker enjoys paid flights, free accommodation and food, and even access to gym and swimming pool.

But one of the biggest perks is a salary of £80,000 a year she gets working on a roster.

Despite the benefits and good money, it is apparently a job that not many want to do.

FIFO shifts often involve 12 hours of physical labour, and long periods away from home.

One person commented: “But the mental exhaustion, the loneliness and missing out on things.”

However, Mimi loves her work and some commenters have agreed with her.

One user wrote: “I used to work fifo on the mines. Best job ever. Get paid well and everything is done for you.”

Other FIFO workers have also shared how their work helps them to save up for the future or to travel the world.

One woman has shared how she earns £10,000 doing the same job.

The young Australian woman also works in mining and says she has “the best paid job” in the country.

She explained that her various roles include fitter, boilermaker, engineering, and electrician, the influencer said.

And she said that her employer also provides free accommodation, food, gym usage and the flight itself.

Another FIFO worker from Western Australia said he makes £8,000 a month from the same job.

Cal Mcllwaine is also a new starter in the mines, which he deemed “very lucrative”.

He said his expenses are very little when he is on the job as he is given both accommodation and food.

Similarly, a savvy worker has revealed the job that earns him £7,000 a month which requires no experience and provides accommodation.

He said he was able to travel to seven different countries in one year without taking any extra time off work.

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