Two women stabbed to death and beheaded by ‘serial sex killer who had been “cured” in prison and released days earlier’

Two women stabbed to death and beheaded by ‘serial sex killer who had been “cured” in prison and released days earlier’

AN ALLEGED serial sex killer has been arrested in Russia after two dead escorts were discovered near a hotel.

The head of one of the women had been severed, according to local reports.

Vlada Skitskaya, 25, was murdered in her flat in MoscowEast2West

Olga Vorobyova, 40, who was found beheaded near a hotelEast2West

East2WestAlleged serial killer Alexei Varakin, 37, who had been jailed before for killing two other sex workers[/caption]

Detained “maniac” Alexei Varakin, 37, had recently been released from prison after he was jailed in 2010 for the murder of two prostitutes. 

Cops allegedly think he murdered the two women after he “was unable to have sexual intercourse with them”.

This apparently “drive[s] him crazy”, according to Russian news outlet Shot. 

The beheaded remains of Olga Vorobyova, 40, were found near a hotel where they allegedly met in Moscow district Izmailovo.

He is thought to have murdered Vlada Skitskaya, 25, the next day in her flat in the Moscow City business district.

The terrified woman managed to call a friend during the attack and reportedly said a client was trying to kill her.

Her cries for help were also heard by neighbours. 

During the struggle, her attacker sustained a wound on his cheek as she tried to grab the knife he brandished.

Police were called but when officers arrived the woman was dead from knife wounds. 

There were signs of an attempted beheading, said reports. 

Varakin was later seen in a court video where he was remanded in custody for two months.

In court he confessed to the two latest killings, according to reports. 

The court was told he had been “cured” after he was sentenced in 2010 to a psychiatric hospital following the murder of two other sex workers.

East2WestVlada Skitskaya’s neighbours heard her scream during the attack[/caption]

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