Who is Gaston Glock’s wife, Kathrin?

Who is Gaston Glock’s wife, Kathrin?

GASTON Glock rose to prominence in the early 1980s after he developed the Glock pistol in 1982.

At the time, he was married to Helga Glock, but following their 2011 divorce, he tied the knot with Kathrin Glock, whom he was with up until his December 2023 passing.

Kathrin Glock married Gaston in 2011Getty

Who is Gaston Glock’s wife, Kathrin?

For more than a decade, Gaston Glock was married to Austrian entrepreneur Kathrin Glock.

The pair tied the knot in 2011, despite a more than 50-year age gap.

Not much is known about the pair’s relationship, but they reportedly met in 2004, according to The Guardian.

Outside of being known as Glock’s wife, Kathrin is known for her career as a CEO.

She is in charge of several GLOCK departments, including GLOCK Health, Science and Research, GLOCK Ecotech, GLOCK Aviation, and GLOCK Security, according to her LinkedIn profile.

In addition to serving as CEO, she is also a supporter of animal welfare.

At this time, additional information on Kathrin’s personal life is unclear because she often stays out of the spotlight.

What was Gaston Glock’s cause of death?

Glock’s death was first announced on December 27, 2023, by his company.

“With visionary foresight, Gaston Glock built his company and led it to the top of the world with the internationally valued Glock Perfection,” his company said in a statement, via Eurodressage.

“Until the very end, he was responsible for the strategic direction of the Glock group of companies and its employees.”

He died at the age of 94, but no cause was provided.

Kathrin has not commented on his death, but she did post a tribute on Instagram to more than 52,000 followers.

The black and white picture, which is the only one on her page as of this writing, was captioned “endless love,” followed by a heart emoji.

Gaston Glock died on December 27, 2023, at the age of 94Getty

Did Gaston Glock have children?

Before Glock passed away, he welcomed three children, two sons and a daughter.

He welcomed his sons during his first marriage to Helga and his daughter during his second marriage to Kathrin.

At this time, information on the Glock children is unclear because they often stay out of the spotlight and off social media.

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