Israeli hostage Mia Schem, 21, reveals she ‘was caged like animal & was left screaming as VET performed surgery on her’

Israeli hostage Mia Schem, 21, reveals she ‘was caged like animal & was left screaming as VET performed surgery on her’

RELEASED Israeli hostage Mia Schem says she was treated like an animal during her 54 days trapped in the evil clutches of Hamas.

The 21-year-old choked back tears as she revealed the shocking details of her inconceivably traumatic experience in captivity.

Israel’s Channel 13Released Israeli hostage Mia Schem has spoken out about her traumatic experience being held captive in Gaza[/caption]

Israel’s Channel 13The 21-year-old said it was important people hear about the Holocaust-like hell she and other hostages endured[/caption]

HAMAS/UNPIXSA vet is said to have operated on Mia while she was being held captive[/caption]

GettyMia was reunited with her family after 55 days in Hamas captivity on November 30[/caption]

Clips of her interviews with two separate Israeli TV channels showed her speaking to a camera with a large bandage wrapped around her entire right arm.

Mia, an Israeli-French tattoo artist, was snatched by Hamas terrorists from the Supernova music festival and dragged to Gaza on October 7.

Her family claim she was operated on by a vet while being held captive in the besieged enclave.

In Mia’s recent recounts of the ordeal, she described there being “no anaesthesia, no nothing”, telling Israel’s Channel 12 News: “I choked up from the pain, and [the person performing the operation] looks at me and says, ‘Stop it! Or I’ll send you to the tunnels’.”

The 21-year-old was one of the final eight hostages who were released as part of a seven-day truce deal between Israel and Hamas which started and ended last month.

In her interview with Channel 12, she said of her time in captivity: “You’re like an animal in the safari.”

More than 100 Israeli hostages, including women and children, are still being kept in Gaza today.

Of the survivor‘s guilt she has felt in the weeks since her release, Mia said: “It was the hardest thing in the world.

“[The other hostages] said, ‘Mia, please, don’t let them forget about us’. And I’m apologising for being freed. ‘Sorry, sorry’.”

She recalled the moment she was abducted by terrorists while covered in her own blood: “I was screaming, ‘My hand is gone!’

“[The terrorist] started touching me in my upper body, then suddenly someone pulled me by my hair, threw me in a vehicle, and we went to Gaza.”

In her interview with Israel’s Channel 13, Mia reflected on the Holocaust-like hell she faced at the hands of her captors and said: “It’s important to me to reveal the truth about the people who live in Gaza, about who they really are.

“Everyone there is a terrorist.”

Mia claimed she was held in a home with a family who were all involved with Hamas, including the women and children.

She told the interviewer she felt it was “important for me to reflect the true situation … and share what I went through in Gaza.”

When asked what she wanted people to realise, she responded: “That I went through Holocaust.

“Everyone there were terrorists. Entire families are in the service of Hamas.”

InstagramMia was abducted by Hamas gunmen from the Supernova festival in October[/caption] 21-year-old was released last month as part of a seven-day truce deal between Israel and Hamas[/caption]

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