Prague gunman David Kozak who killed 13 confessed to murders of baby and her dad in suicide note

Prague gunman David Kozak who killed 13 confessed to murders of baby and her dad in suicide note

A STUDENT who shot dead 14 people confessed in his suicide note to the earlier killings of a two-month-old baby and her father, police revealed.

The woodland murders came six days before David Kozak, 24, went on the rampage at a Prague university on December 21 — the Czech Republic’s worst ever mass shooting.

czech policePrague shooter David Kozak confessed to the earlier murder of two others, before his killing spree on December 21st[/caption]

He injured a further 25 people while firing from a rooftop balcony in 30 minutes of terror — then shot himself as armed police closed in.

Police said he had also killed his father, taking his total number of victims to 17.

Investigators are yet to reveal his motives.

But a police spokesman said: “I can confirm we secured a letter where the perpetrator wrote that he committed the murders. The contents of the document cannot be made public at this time due to the ongoing investigation.”

A terrifying video from the scene of the attack shows Kozak – a history student who fantasised about “becoming a maniac” – prowling around a rooftop at Charles University.

Armed with an automatic rifle and dressed in black, the shooter is filmed calmly picking off his victims one by one.

A brave man can then be heard screaming: “Hey you, shoot here f*****!” in a bid to halt Kozak’s bullet barrage and save the lives of others.

Undeterred, the crazed gunman continued with his killing spree as he turned to aim at people on the ground and loud shots rung out.

“He is shooting, get to cover,” the man shouted.

He then desperately tried to alert police to the 24-year-old’s exact location to put an end to the bloodshed.

The massacre began on Thursday afternoon at around 3pm when Kozak opened fire at the Faculty of Arts building in Jan Palach Square – an area popular with tourists and Christmas shoppers.

And under a hour later, Kozak had committed the worst mass shooting in the Czech Republic’s history – leaving 14 dead and 25 injured, including 10 seriously.

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