‘AI Putin’ gave his chilling New Year message, viewers convinced after ‘telltale sign’ spotted as death rumours swirl

‘AI Putin’ gave his chilling New Year message, viewers convinced after ‘telltale sign’ spotted as death rumours swirl

PUTIN’S New Year’s speech differed drastically this year, intensifying the belief that the Russian president is actually dead.

The speech, which was broadcast before midnight across the entirety of Russia, sparked a wave of claims that Putin’s appearance was abnormal, and had been computer-generated.

Avalon.redPutin’s New Year speech has intensified the rumours that he is dead and using AI generated images of himself[/caption]

Adrien Fillon / AvalonSocial media users claimed that something was off about Putin’s neck[/caption]

In the address, “AI Putin” appeared in front of a snow encircled Kremlin to praise Russian citizens for their “solidarity, mercy and fortitude”.

He also said that, together, they could “solve the most difficult problems” and there is “no force that can separate us”.

But Ukrainian resident Mykhaïlo Golub quickly took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share a clip of the speech with Putin’s neck circled.

His caption read: “Apparently, the New Year greeting of Putin was AI-generated” – implying that there was something off about the Russian president’s head and the rest of his body.

The clip has been shared dozens of times on social media now, with many more activists claiming that Putin is an avatar.

The claim derives from how Putin’s neck appears to be moving out of sync with his body.

Some have claimed that his head looks as though it has been badly superimposed onto a man in a suit.

Activist Igor Sushko, from the Wind Of Change Research Group (WCRG) think tank, wrote on X: “Putin’s New Year’s address was computer-generated. Take note of the avatar’s neck area.”

Sushko added that the Kremlin’s decision to do this was “quite bizarre”.

He said: “It will certainly add to domestic rumours of something being wrong with real Putin, including unverified claims that real Putin died and that his double is ill.”

Sushko also pointed out that this year’s address was the first to have been shared to the public in 360p, instead of the 720p HD version that previous speeches have been released in.

Rumours that the Russian dictator is actually dead and has been using body doubles have been circulating in Russia for years.

An artificial intelligence investigation analysing Putin’s facial features, gait and speech concluded that a minimum of two body doubles have been used in his place.

Just weeks ago, his spokesman had to issue an extraordinary denial after an eminent professor and Kremlin “insiders” claimed Putin had died of a heart attack on October 26.

But this denial did little to curb the intensifying beliefs that the despot is dead and that the Russian elite have been using fake Vlads to retain public support.

An authoritative report by major Japanese TV network TBS used the latest AI to examine facial recognition and body movement.

Voice analysis from Putin’s public appearances by Japan’s Institute of Audio Communication Laboratory also supported claims that doppelgangers were in play.

It concluded the real Putin hosted this year’s annual Red Square Victory Day parade on May 9 — but a different Putin may have inspected the Crimean Bridge 11 months ago.

AI technology found only a 53 per cent match of the pair.

TBS said: “Experts on face recognition would refer to this as ‘not matching’ in most cases, which leads us to the assumption this could be a double.”

While a Russian led investigation into 521 of Putin’s public meetings concurred that Putin has been using body doubles.

The independent Russia media outlet, Proekt, claimed that 43 per cent of his meetings (224 of them) saw the president keeping his distance in “one way or another”.

During the latest diplomatic ceremony at the Kremlin, Putin refused to stand within 70ft of Britain’s ambassador to Moscow.

Nigel Casey and 21 other diplomats listened from the other side of the room and shuffled away as Putin made it clear he had no intention of greeting them personally.

He blamed “sanitary reasons” for the distance, telling the diplomats: “Unfortunately, for sanitary reasons, we cannot talk more, socialise. 

“I hope that better times will come, not only in politics but also in healthcare, and we will be able to do so. 

“In any case, as a matter of routine, both myself, the foreign minister, and my assistant for international affairs are always at your disposal.”

Telegram channel General SVR claimed a Putin body double greeted the ambassadors, which explained the 70ft distance to avoid any suspicion.

While Ukraine said it is a “fact” that he uses body doubles.

“The backup accepted credentials from the newly arrived ambassadors of foreign states,” it stated.

“The main reason for the double’s 20-metre distance from the ambassadors is the deplorable state of the [body double’s] face. 

“Several small lumps have appeared on ‘Putin’s’ cheekbones, which is why his face has acquired a lumpy appearance, and this problem can hardly be hidden with makeup. 

“As of yesterday, the double was more different than ever from the real Putin.”

While some Ukrainian intelligence officials have gone as far as to claim that the real Putin hasn’t been seen since 2022.

The head of Ukrainian military intelligence Lt-Gen Kyrylo Budanov said: “The one, who everyone used to know, was last seen around 26 June 2022.”

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