Mystery as ‘incident’ at Putin’s top secret bullet factory sparks state of emergency & leaves Russians to freeze in -30C

Mystery as ‘incident’ at Putin’s top secret bullet factory sparks state of emergency & leaves Russians to freeze in -30C

A MYSTERY incident at Putin’s top secret bullet factory left hundreds of thousands of Russians to freeze to death.

Some reports have suggested the factory was sabotaged over Putin‘s failing war in Ukraine as residents were left to fend for themselves in temperatures as low as minus 30C.

Residents have been left to bundle up in coats, gloves and hats indoors to stay warmEast2West

Newlyweds Eduard Poluektov, 28, and Anastasia Poluektova died from carbon monoxide poising trying to stay warmEast2West

East2WestThe top secret bullet factory in Klimovsk[/caption]

A heating power station at the plant, where bullets are made for Putin’s war, broke down as a state of emergency was declared.

The incident, which remains shrouded in mystery, left civilians living in the surrounding area without heat.

One newly-wed couple, Eduard, 28, and Anastasia Poluektov, died from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning in a desperate attempt to keep warm.

Eduard’s mother called it a “horrible tragedy”.

Countless others have been left to freeze in the bone-cracking cold around Moscow after losing their heating.

Desperate residents scrawled a sign saying: “SOS – We are freezing – Punish the guilty.”

Some 170 apartment blocks have been left with no heat in temperatures lower than ever known in Britain.

Putin’s incompetent cronies have been unable to say when the heating will be restored. 

The Russian government, responsible for providing heating to residents, has diverted public funds in the last two years to fund Mad Vlad’s illegal war in Ukraine.

There have been increasing reports of Russians rising up in protest amid the brutal winter.

The Yuri Andropov Cartridge Plant in Klimovsk, where the bullets are produced, is named after a sinister chief of the KGB and Soviet Union who has been sanctioned by the West.

In Klimovsk, 30 miles south of Moscow, the local government has complained that the military plant refused to release details about what caused the problem, leading to suspicions of yet another sabotage attack. 

A criminal investigation into the break down has been launched and a state of emergency declared in the wider area.

A protest video said: “Since yesterday they promise nothing. No heat.

“Grandmothers are freezing at home. Children dressed in coats are sick, coughing.

“The hospitals are cold, everywhere is cold. We need to do something to solve this.

“Who is responsible is still unclear…we get only excuses.”

And another resident complained about a protest: “The police arrived quickly to disrupt us. 

“I wish they’d bring back the heating as fast as they dispatched the cops [to disperse us].”

In Lytkarino, also near Moscow, another power station broke down leaving residents to light fires outside in the icy temperatures.

Women, children and pensioners came out to complain.  

A video from locals said:  “We’re freezing.

“Residents are coming out on a picket.

“We burn wood because it’s too cold at home. It is warmer even outside.

“Please [officials] respond to our request…The [local] administration doesn’t care.”

Regional governor Andrei Vorobyov was accused of ignoring people.

His domain – the Moscow region – is also where Putin’s official residence is located. 

Some blame resources being diverted to Putin’s war while others have dubbed it a sign of corruption.

Reports say there was a record drop of temperatures after the New Year and a failure to cope by the suppliers, all linked to the state.

Residents in Khimki, Balashikha, Solnechnogorsk, Lyubertsy and Elektrostal also suffered heating loss due to power outages.

In all, several hundred thousand people have been hit. 

Civilians build fires outside as it is warmer than staying indoorsEast2West

East2WestIce gathers inside the window of a home without heating[/caption]

East2WestThe Yuri Andropov Cartridge Plant where bullets are made for Putin’s war – and the heating power station is kept[/caption]

East2WestA dog bundled up in blankets to keep warm[/caption]

East2WestRussian civilians protest as temperatures hit as low as -30C[/caption]

GettyA snowy Red Square in Moscow, Russia[/caption]

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