I make £2,000 a week doing a job that no one wants to do – I get two weeks off at a time but it’s hard graft

I make £2,000 a week doing a job that no one wants to do – I get two weeks off at a time but it’s hard graft

A SAVVY truck driver has shown his followers online how he makes over $2,000 a week.

A truck driver from New Zealand known as TheBrossy has taken to TikTok showing what it’s like to be a FIFO truck driver.

TikTok/thebrossynzTheBrossy have over 14,000 followers on TikTok[/caption]

TikTok/thebrossynzIn one of his recent videos, TheBrossy showed he earns over $2,000 a week[/caption]

FIFO is the abbreviation for fly in and fly out.

The method is used by employers who fly in workers to the site rather than relocating the employee and their families permanently.

In one of his recent videos, TheBrossy posted his earnings from a week’s work – which showed that he makes over $2,000.

He flies from New Zealand to work as a truck driver for mines in western Australia.

Posting on TikTok, TheBrossy boasted about the amount of time he gets off as a result of being a FIFO truck driver.

However, it’s not all plain sailing for the New Zealand truck driver as he vlogged working for 9 weeks straight.

His hours are even more gruelling with him spending up to 15 hours some days on the road.

TheBrossy has amassed 14,000 followers and over 120,000 likes as viewers are curious about what it’s like to work away from home.

In one of his videos, he broke down the benefits are working on a FIFO contract.

He said: “Get to live in a house, free accommodation.

“Not loving in a donger or caravan or anything like that so that’s a bonus.”

He gets a company car and doesn’t have to pay for fuel out of his pocket he added.

Additionally: “I get meal allowance, $175 a week.

“Get flights home, so yeah I suppose if you add all that up it’s a pretty good number alright.”

Viewers were quick to praise TheBrossy’s ability to work away from home for long periods.

One user wrote: “Keep up the awesome vids bro.

“Not easy being away from Whanau”

However, others were critical of TheBrossy’s working hours and wondered whether it was worth it.

One person wrote: “77hrs a week brooo that’s not living Jesus.”

Another user commented: “Because these guys think that’s good money he’s actually getting ripped off.”

Aaron on TikTok added: “So 40 hours, that’s a regular working week but you work 37 hours overtime.

“So you work twice the amount of an average 40 hour week person?

TikTok/thebrossynzTheBrossy’s working hours could range between 13-15 hours in a day[/caption]

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