Shocking moment mystery fire breaks out at Putin family home near Moscow as ‘sabotage’ suspected

Shocking moment mystery fire breaks out at Putin family home near Moscow as ‘sabotage’ suspected

THIS is the moment a mystery fire broke out at Vladimir Putin’s family home near Moscow.

The property, which belongs to Putin’s first cousin, was reduced to ashes after flames engulfed the entire building in Ryazan, 125 miles southeast of the capital.

East2WestA mystery fire broke out at Putin’s family home near Moscow[/caption]

East2WestPictures show the house was engulfed in flames[/caption]

East2WestRoman Putin was currently living on the property before the fire broke out[/caption]

The home was currently occupied by Roman Putin, 45, who is sanctioned by the West for links to the autocrat. 

Roman is the son of Putin’s first cousin Igor, who officially owned the place.

His son was at the property when the blaze began but escaped without injury.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation by the cops amid suspicions of sabotage. 

This is the second property with links to Roman and the Kremlin top that was destroyed in recent events.

Earlier a hotel where he had offices in remote Novy Urengoy was destroyed in successive arson attacks by unknown people, causing £8 million damage.

The incident came after Roman was linked to a scheme to host two waves of refugees from the Donbas area of eastern Ukraine, according to reports. 

He offered to personally fund a third wave of 500 refugees in support of Putin’s invasion, which may have triggered the arson attacks. 

Reports say law enforcement has identified arson as the cause but made no progress in bringing the perpetrators to justice. 

However, it is unclear if the arson was linked to opposition to Putin or his war against Ukraine

Following the Kremlin top’s footsteps, Roman began his career in secret services, serving in the FSB.

He eventually switched to local government before founding a company called Putin Consulting to trade on the famous family name. 

The controversial businessman also founded the People Against Corruption party, but has been unsuccessful in getting a seat in the parliament

East2WestThe property, owned by Putin’s first cousin, was reduced to ashes after the arson[/caption]

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