Putin is ready for ‘apocalyptic assault’ on Ukraine before election…we’re facing open WAR with Russia, warns ex-colonel

Putin is ready for ‘apocalyptic assault’ on Ukraine before election…we’re facing open WAR with Russia, warns ex-colonel

VLADIMIR Putin is set to unleash an “apocalyptic assault” on Ukraine before Russia’s sham election this year, warns an ex British Army colonel.

Hamish De Bretton-Gordon’s chilling prediction comes after he also urged countries in the West to fully support Ukraine in a bid to avoid a brutal nuclear war with Russia.

GettyPutin is ready to unleash an ‘apocalyptic assault’ on Ukraine before he is re-elected in March, according to an ex British Army colonel[/caption]

HeadlineHamish de Bretton-Gordon says the West are not taking the war in Ukraine seriously enough as he fears Russia could use nuclear weapons to end it soon[/caption]

ReutersThe war has already left many cities totally destroyed as Russia looks for even more weapons and ammunition to ‘turn the tides’[/caption]

The former military man said Russia was “focused” on taking control of the war with Ukraine after feeling the West were too relaxed with their approach to the “stalemate” fighting.

Hamish said: “There are now rumblings in Moscow that a decisive offensive to turn the tides of the war squarely in Russia’s favour may soon be underway.

“Russia is scouring the globe for drones and ammunition from every dictator and rogue state.

“While Kyiv scratches around and begs for artillery shells and air defence missiles from its distracted ‘allies’”.

One of the ways Hamish fears the Kremlin could attempt to win the war before Putin is re-elected is by unleashing a nuclear, chemical or biological attack.

He said: “It would require weapons on the battlefield we have yet to see.

“In my opinion, the only weapons that Russia has which could achieve this in the time frame would be a tactical nuclear weapon or some sort of chemical or biological attack.

“Putin might think this is a gamble worth taking.”

Kremlin spokesman Dimitri Peskov, has said Russian forces would do “everything” possible to stop Ukraine from attacking them any more before he gave a similar sinister prediction as his boss Vlad.

Peskov told reporters: “Of course, our military will continue to do everything to first minimise this danger and then completely get rid of it.”

The idea of Russia planning on completely getting rid of Ukraine is something Hamish believes is an all too truthful threat.

He compared Putin to former wicked tyrant Joseph Stalin saying the pair both have “an insatiable ego and a desire for greatness at whatever the cost”.

But Hamish also thinks it is down to places like the UK and the US to ensure Putin and his wicked cronies don’t inflict too much irreversible damage to the planet.

He said: “The drift towards militarisation of the Russian state and the surging calls for a greater offensive must serve as a warning that the West needs to wake up before he acts.

“We must fully support and arm Ukraine. If we don’t NATO will be at war with Moscow within a few years.”

Putin will run for president in the next election that takes place on March 17, 2024 – giving him just over two months to end the war.

The Russian tyrant is all but certain to be elected for a fifth time after two already brutal decades of his iron-fist rule.

The Kremlin previously warned the threat of a nuclear world war hasn’t been greater since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

Former Russian president and close Putin confidante Dmitry Medvedev predicted “new rivers of blood will flow”.

He lambasted the administration of US President Joe Biden for encouraging the US congress to approve more military support for Ukraine

Medvedev said: “Never since the Cuban Missile Crisis has the threat of a direct clash between Russia and Nato leading to the Third World War been so real.”

The fighting on the Ukrainian border has only worsened over the last few weeks after both sides have engaged in brutal air strikes.

Putin blew up a hotel in the city of Kharkiv that injured 11 people after Russia fired two powerful missiles that left a horrifying pile of devastation in its wake.

The Russian president also recently blitzed Ukraine overnight in what is believed to have been the biggest aerial attack on Ukraine since the beginning of the bloody war.

A total of 158 missiles were launched in the hellish attack that saw a barrage of missiles and drone strikes across the country hitting homes, a maternity hospital and even a shopping mall.

The Russian leader also sent death squads into occupied Crimea to hunt down anyone working for the resistance and to eliminate those who helped Kyiv destroy his warship.

Ukraine launched a British Storm Shadow missile strike that sunk the key Russian landing ship – Novocherkassk – in a major blow for Putin on Boxing Day.

A Ukrainian supersonic Su-24 jet is said to have launched the cruise missile which ripped apart the ship – said to be loaded with Iranian suicide drones.

At least 33 are suspected to have died and dozens wounded.

Ukraine has said its air force destroyed the Novocherkassk landing ship, with President Volodymyr Zelensky joking on social media that the vessel had now joined “the Russian underwater Black Sea fleet”.

In response, the Russian tyrant is said to have vowed to drag his bloody war in Ukraine out for at least five more years.

Ukraine has worked tirelessly to fight back whenever Russia has tried to get ahead and as we enter the sub-zero winter temperatures many have said the war is at a stalemate.

GettySome believe the war is at a stalemate as we head into the freezing winter months on the battlefield after thousands have been killed[/caption]

AFPTwo powerful missiles tore through a hotel in Kharkiv, injuring 11 people[/caption]

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