Horror moment freak waves pound army base smashing people through glass after swells come out of NOWHERE to swamp island

Horror moment freak waves pound army base smashing people through glass after swells come out of NOWHERE to swamp island

THIS is the horrifying moment waves smashed people through glass and plunged them into the darkness as a freak swell pounded an army base.

Terrifying footage captured waves up to four feet tall breaking down doors inside the US Army’s dining hall at their Roi-Namur base in the Marshall Islands on Saturday.

YouTubeThe relentless barrage eventually smashed through windows and submerged the dining hall[/caption]

The first wave came crashing through a set of doors inside the US Army baseYouTube

Victims grabbed on to whatever they could to avoid being swept awayYouTube

Victims were seen grabbing on to what they could in order to avoid being swept away, while others ran to safety as quickly as possible.

Footage uploaded to social media caught the moment the wave first hit, with glass windows obliterated and table and chairs slammed away.

A second wave then comes crashing through the doors moments later, causing the room to be plunged into darkness as everyone continues to scramble to safety.

Army Public Affairs Officer Mike Brantley revealed that one person sustained injuries to their lower body.

They remain in a stable condition, however, after being treated at the clinic on Kwajalein Island.

On Sunday, the US Army confirmed in a statement that “a series of weather-induced waves hit Roi-Namur which caused significant flooding in the northern portions of the island”.

The terrifying ordeal is said to have taken place at approximately 9pm on January 20.

In the aftermath, damage caused by the swells led to the evacuation of all “non-mission personnel” from the island.

Furthermore, it’s expected that the two airports at Ailinglaplap Atoll – a ring-shaped island surrounded by coral – will be closed for weeks as a result of the flooding.

Neighbouring islands to Roi-Namur only reported moderate damage from the flooding.

Located in the central Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the Philippines, the Marshall Islands comprises of a sprawling chain of volcanic islands and coral atolls.

It’s also where the Bucholz Army Airfield is based – one of the US Army’s most secret bases in the world.

The floods come just days after several US troops suffered “traumatic brain injuries” after an Iraqi airbase was hit by a barrage of rockets from Iran-backed militants.

Several US personnel are undergoing evaluation after multiple missiles and rockets were fired at the Ain al-Asad air base.

The base, home to American forces in western Iraq, came under fire from multiple ballistic missiles and rockets.

YouTubeThe terrifying moment the base lost power and people were plunged into darkness[/caption]

YouTubeThe second the first wave blasted through and swarmed unsuspecting people[/caption]

One of the rooms began to quickly fill up with waterYouTube

Those sat at the bar got more than they bargained for when asking for a drinkYouTube

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