Salt Bae slammed after diner shares eye-watering bill including £100 on fruit, a £360 gold steak…& £56,000 just on WINE

Salt Bae slammed after diner shares eye-watering bill including £100 on fruit, a £360 gold steak…& £56,000 just on WINE

CELEBRITY chef and restaurateur Salt Bae has been slammed for his unrealistic food prices that cost diners a whopping £85,000 bill for a single meal.

People were astonished to see the breakdown of the cheque which included a £360 gold steak and a staggering £56,000 wine.

NewsflashCelebrity chef Nusret Gokce has been slammed for his restaurant’s unrealistic food prices[/caption]

NewsflashThe £85,000 bill that includes £19,000 just in tips[/caption]

The diners, who visited Salt Bae’s restaurant Nusr-Et Dubai on January 20, paid an eye-popping AED398,630 (£85,000).

And the steak chef – named Nusret Gokce – sparked fury after he posted a picture of the bill on his Instagram, where he is followed by 54million people.

The bill shows that the diners, who have not been named, tucked into a £60 beef carpaccio, three golden steaks priced at £1100, and a golden filet mignon at £ 240.

Even a single portion of chips cost them a choking £10.70.

To compliment the meat fest, the diners ordered four Porn Star Martinis for £100 and three bottles of wine – two Chateau Petrus 2009 and one Petrus 2011 for a staggering £56,000.

They finished off the meal with a round of doubles of exclusive Louis XIII cognac for another £6000.

The bill shows they even coughed up some £19,000 just in tips!

Salt Bae shamelessly captioned his post: “Money comes, money goes.”

But the blatant brag brought a flood of protest from local and social media – especially from Turkey, his home country.

Many felt it was an insult to ordinary hard-working Turks who are struggling to cope with more than 60 per cent inflation and a 10 per cent unemployment rate.

people flocked to the comment section to criticise the unrealistic prices at Salt Bae’s restaurant.

One such person said: “This is a case when people have more money than common sense.”

Another wrote: “My carpenter can cook better.”

Turkish newspaper Yenicag has accused Salt Bae of flaunting his wealth as “citizens struggle to make ends meet with a three-cent minimum wage.”

This is not the first incident where people were left speechless at the staggering amount the steak chef charges at his restaurants.

Last year, a food blogger, who goes by “South Dallas Foodie”, spent £3,722 on a meal at Nusr-Et.

It included £15 for a side of mashed potatoes and £804 for a steak.

Commenting on the bill, the food blogger said: “In what universe does spaghetti cost 80 bucks per serving????”

One user was appalled and slammed the restaurant saying: “Tomahawk steaks and JW Blue! Overpriced garbage for people who don’t know any better.”

Another person added: “Although I’ve never met them I am positive that these people are a**holes.”

Salt Bae rose to fame for his unique salt-sprinkling technique which has helped him achieve a net worth of £64million.

His restaurant chain Nusr-Et has over 20 locations in Turkey, Greece, the US, the UK, UAEQatar and Saudi Arabia.

Nusr ETThe diners paid the staggering bill at Nusr Et Four Season in Dubai[/caption]

Full Breakdown of the £85,000 dinner

1 Beef Carpaccio – £58.94

1 Golden F1 Mignon – £214.31

3 Golden Steak – £1092.99

1 G.Giantoto – £1071.56

1 French Fries – £10.72

1 Roka Salad – £15.00

11 Golden Baklava = £990.12

2 Fruit Platter – £102.87

4 Pornstar Martini – £102.87

1 SGL Monkey – £27.86

2 Petrus 2009 – £42433.69

1 Petrus 2011 – £13930.25

5 DBL Louis XIII – £5893.57

5 Still Water 800 – £53.58

1 Sparkling Water 800 – £53.58

1 Turkish Coffee – £5.36

4 Salt Bae salt – £128.59

Charged Tips – £19288.04

Total cost – £85431.02

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