AI predicts how WW3 may play out year-by-year with Arctic battles, nuke fears & over 20million dead in futile 5yr clash

AI predicts how WW3 may play out year-by-year with Arctic battles, nuke fears & over 20million dead in futile 5yr clash

ARTIFICIAL Intelligence has revealed the horrors of what could happen across the world in the next five years if WW3 is started.

The clever technology has made a set of chilling predictions warning that if a war began this year then it could quickly cause nuclear fears, battles in the Arctic and over 20million tragic deaths.

Russian President Putin will start WW3 as he battles against the US in the hypothetical scenario The Sun online gave ChatGPTReuters

WW3 is expected to begin with clashes in the Arctic

ChatGPT was convinced by The Sun Online to predict what could happen in the next five years if a major global conflicts was to break out – focusing on Russia and the US.

The AI bot – the ever-evolving creation of OpenAI – works via machine learning and is used by people worldwide to generate text, answer questions and even have thoughtful conversations.

Its super machine mind is a tightly packed together box of information so after a series of questions and prompts, the AI let our curious reporter in on just how a potential WW3 might end up looking.

What followed was a string of predictions that outlined the catastrophic world events that could come in 2024 and beyond.

Perhaps most worrying of all the predictions, was the scarily high number of potential deaths the AI thinks could happen in the major conflict.

ChatGPT started off its predictions with the following message: “It’s important to reiterate that these hypothetical scenarios are entirely fictional, speculative, and not based on any real-world events or predictions.”

But they still offer a fascinating window into the developing power of the machine and just how far it can go in the future.

Year 2024

In the next 11 months, ChatGPT has warned that in their scenario there will be a “triggering event” that will set the terrifying wheels in motion for a “sudden escalation” of tensions between Russia and the US.

They described this event as “a series of diplomatic breakdowns, cyber attacks, and accusations”.

After the original issues are caused, the AI bot then says a set of mini “skirmishes” will occur to further heat up the growing political divide across the world.

Dubbed “initial military engagements” they say these will mainly kick off between countries in Eastern Europe and the Arctic region as clashes begin.

At this point both Russia and the US will mobilise their military forces.

Year 2025

As the fighting continues into 2025, the AI predicts that it will only worsen in a period they call the “expansion of conflict”.

They responded: “The conflict expands into a larger theatre, involving NATO allies and Russian-aligned states.

“Cyber attacks intensify, impacting critical infrastructure.”

After months of clashes, in which the death toll starts to rise, ChatGPT says alliances will start to clearly form.

The US are set to strengthen their friendship with NATO members as Russia grows closer to “certain regional partners”.

Year 2026

This is the year when WW3 will be all but declared as the rest of the world gets involved – including mega powers across the globe.

The chat tool said: “Other major powers, such as China, become involved in the conflict, either directly or indirectly, complicating the geopolitical landscape.”

These complications result in a number of proxy wars emerging as more and more regional conflicts start as part of the wider US-Russia conflict.

This is set to only “further exacerbate the situation” according to the technologies guess.

Getty Images – GettyThe threat of nuclear weapons will reach boiling point in 2027, according to the chilling predictions[/caption]

GettyChatGPT expects China to be involved in the war[/caption]

GettyThe world will have to ‘work hard to address political, economic, and humanitarian issues on a global scale’ after the devastation left behind in the war[/caption]

Year 2027

According to ChatGPT, the growing fear over nuclear weapons won’t reach boiling point until 2027.

Although they don’t think a nuke will be yet due to the major concerns all parties involved have over the devastation they could cause.

Instead they wrote: “The conflict escalates to the point where there are concerns about the use of nuclear weapons.

“The international community intensifies efforts to broker a ceasefire.”

This ceasefire comes as a “humanitarian crisis” has plagued the fighting as a significant number of people have been killed both as soldiers and as civilians.

The AI also notes that the world will experience “widespread suffering” in 2027 as the world war continues to rumble on.

Year 2028

After four years of fighting and millions of lives lost, many countries will begin to rethink their stance on the war, according to ChatGPT.

They think that the world will see several attempts at a ceasefire and constant peace negotiations taking place.

But despite the demand for a stop in action all bids are repeatedly undermined and shut down as hostilities continue.

They also cited “deep-rooted distrust” amongst countries as one of the main factors for a lack in positive communication.

The consequences of war have already been felt in terms of lives lost and utter devastation of land but by 2028 the AI predicts severe “economic consequences” as well.

It told us: “Global markets will experience severe disruptions, causing economic downturns worldwide.”

Year 2029

The final year of warfare will centre around negotiations as both Russia and the US struggle to overcome each other.

ChatGPT tells us: “The conflict reaches a stalemate, with neither side able to secure a decisive victory.

“International pressure forces both nations back to the negotiating table.”

Plans to end WW3 are put in place after years of heavy losses and destruction across the globe as plans for a post-war world are made.

This reconstruction period will see the world face an immense challenge to bring itself back to an era of normality.

We will have to work hard to “address political, economic, and humanitarian issues on a global scale”.

ChatGPT placed the number of deaths across the five years of fighting in the “tens of millions”.

They went on to say: “The number of casualties in any hypothetical conflict depends on a myriad of factors, including military strategies, geopolitical developments, and the international response.”

Despite this number being speculative and arbitrary they did say this number could rise to well above 20million.

Will there be nukes in WW3?

ChatGPT gave several reasons why nuclear weapons wouldn’t be used – even in a hypothetical war.

They mentioned Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) as a big reason.

This theory suggests that if one nation launches a nuke the other would respond with a devastating counterattack within moments.

This creates fear amongst countries to not use them to avoid being attacked themselves in retaliation.

They also cited the impact it would have on people as a factor in nukes not being used.

The AI system said: “The catastrophic humanitarian consequences of a nuclear exchange, including immediate loss of life, long-term health effects, and environmental devastation, make the use of nuclear weapons ethically unacceptable.

“There exists a global norm against the use of nuclear weapons. This is a powerful psychological barrier that discourages leaders from considering the use of nuclear weapons.”

International Treaties and Agreements were also signposted as both the US and Russia are signed up to various international agreements, such as the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

The final reason centred around “strategic and tactical considerations”.

They continued: “Leaders understand that the use of nuclear weapons could escalate a conflict to an uncontrollable level, making strategic and tactical considerations favouring conventional warfare over nuclear engagement.”

The ‘real’ danger of WW3 starting

WITH several ongoing world conflicts, the looming threat of nuclear warfare has sparked fears that WW3 could soon be a reality if we aren’t careful.

The hypothetical Doomsday Clock was just 90 seconds away this year and if it hits midnight all hell is predicted to break loose.

The clock is a sign of Armeggedon and acts as a wake-up call for the world about global threats such as nuclear war, dangerous technologies and mass health concerns – including a potential WW3.

The threats posed by Vladimir Putin and his war with Ukraine continue, with Bulletin president and CEO Rachel Bronson saying how the horror October 7 attacks in Israel added an extra source of concern.

The Middle East has become a powder keg unsettled by Israel’s ongoing war against Hamas, Iran-backed Houthi rebel attacks in the Red Sea, and recent clashes and strikes between Iran and Pakistan.

This has pushed the world closer towards the brink of WW3 as tyrants Kim Jong-un and Putin have sent a chilling warning to the West as they vowed to form a “New World Order”.

Warnings of a potential new world order had already been given by Putin’s warmonger foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, who told the West that their time of “global domination” is over.

And veteran Russian MP Alexander Osovtsov said World War Three has already begun for the West’s enemies and “we’re all participating in it”.

Meanwhile, Baltic states are racing to bolster defences on their borders with Russia and Belarus as Europe braces for an all-out war.

And as the prospect of nuclear weapons being developed and used and a worrying reduction in agreements alongside climate change, new genetic engineering technologies and AI, and the dangers of disinformation all come as major concerns.

AP:Associated PressPutin isn’t expected to release nuclear weapons during the war as the AI predicts that no one will engage in nuclear warfare despite warning signs[/caption]

AFPRussia is expected to work alongside ‘certain regional partners’ as the US join forces with NATO powers[/caption]

ReutersThe chat bot has predicted over 20million people will tragically die in the war from all sides[/caption]

GettyThe AI expects the war to continue for five years between 2024 to 2029[/caption]

AFPChinese President Xi Jinping has already been causing havoc in Asia after threatening a war in Taiwan[/caption]

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