Everyone can see the cyclists – but only those with 20/20 vision can spot the phantom bike in just 12 seconds

Everyone can see the cyclists – but only those with 20/20 vision can spot the phantom bike in just 12 seconds

YOU might just have 20/20 vision if you can spot the phantom bike amongst the cyclists in just 12 seconds.

This latest brainteaser will really put your eyesight to the test as you try and sift through the heavily detailed image.

Sigma SportsReaders who are in the top 10% can find the phantom bike in under ten seconds[/caption]

But only those with the sharpest of eyes and the strongest determination are likely to succeed.

That’s because this optical illusion has even the most experienced puzzle solvers racking their brains.

And if you don’t give it your best, you’re likely to follow them down the same path of failure.

However, if you do manage to overcome this challenge, then you must have 20/20 vision.

In the image provided by premium cycling retailer Sigma Sports, we can see dozens of riders on a variety of different bikes on top of a yellow background.

Not only are all the cyclists wearing different coloured clothes, but they’re also riding different coloured bikes.

To make things even harder, they’re all different shapes and sizes.

But somewhere within, hiding in plain sight, is the phantom bike.

However, this shouldn’t be too tricky as you’re only looking for a bike with no rider.

But then again, this is an optical illusion – and they’re never easy.

The average reader takes 23 seconds to find the riderless bike, but you only have 12 seconds to do so.

So, when you’re ready, it’s all over to you.

If, however, you are struggling and need some help, then here’s a small clue for you.

The phantom bike is located in the left-hand side of the image.

If you still can’t find it, then the answer is below.

Sigma SportsWere you able to find the bike without a rider?[/caption]

If that challenge was too easy for you, why not try this extra tricky one instead?

If that challenge was too easy for you, however, then try and complete one of our many other optical illusions.

That includes trying to find the boy’s missing shoe in under seven seconds in the image above.

Everyone can see the red mug, but only those with 20/20 vision can solve this mind-bending brainteaser.

If that’s still too easy for you, then see if you can find the odd chess piece out in five seconds.

Everyone knows the name of the chess pieces but you’ll need more than knowledge to pass this test.

Alternatively, see if you can outsmart everyone and find the doughnut hidden in plain sight inside this cosy home.

Many people are quick to spot the black cat, but you have a high IQ and 20/20 vision if you find the doughnut in nine seconds.

Were you able to spot the shoe in less than less than seven seconds?

Jagran JoshOne of these chess pieces is the odd one out – but can you find it?[/caption]

See if you can find the missing doughnut hiding in plain sightJagran Josh

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