I had 8 kids with my older husband only to find out he had ANOTHER wife…so I’m suing him for £25million in child support

I had 8 kids with my older husband only to find out he had ANOTHER wife…so I’m suing him for £25million in child support

A MUM-OF-EIGHT is suing her suspected bigamist husband after finding out he’s allegedly married to another woman.

The 33-year-old woman had married her 61-year-old spouse ten years ago after meeting online.

A mother of eight is suing her husband after his alleged marriage to another womanJam Press

Jam PressThe couple have five sons and three daughters together[/caption]

Jam PressThe devastated wife has uploaded proof to social media that her marriage is legal[/caption]

They met online when she was only 23 and they then tied the knot a year later.

The unnamed couple went on to have five sons and three daughters.

Despite initially fibbing to her about how he earns a living, she decided to become romantically involved with the older man.

The woman, who comes from a wealthy family in Sichuan Province, China, said: “He said he was single so our relationship is legal.”

On social media, she showed a certificate stating that they married in 2015.

She also showed her children’s birth certificates, which revealed they were born to a surrogate mother in the US.

The couple have spent over £1.1 million on surrogacy, the woman revealed.

However, her life was turned upside down when she discovered her hubby was allegedly actually married to someone else.

He moved overseas and suddenly sued her for all the assets he claimed to have provided her over the years.

The young mum is now suing her ex-partner and his family for monthly child support.

She is seeking £22,165 per month to help take care of their eight children, according to local reports.

In response, his family offered to raise the kids themselves if she was willing to give them up.

Otherwise, they were willing to take legal action, reported South China Morning Post.

“I can’t give my children to him,” the woman said.

The case went to trial in October 2023 and a decision is still pending.

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