Inside infamous underground swingers’ pad with ‘no peek’ windows on sale for £4.7m…that comes with real house on top

Inside infamous underground swingers’ pad with ‘no peek’ windows on sale for £4.7m…that comes with real house on top

THIS infamous underground home is the perfect swingers’ pad as it is completely sealed off the outside world with soundproof walls and “no peek” windows.

Initially built as a doomsday bunker during the Cold War, the Las Vegas Underground house is on sale for £4.7million and comes with a second home on top.

YouTube Las Vegas GalAn immense underground swingers’ pad lies beneath this seemingly normal home[/caption]

YouTube Las Vegas GalThe infamous Las Vegas Underground House could be the perfect place to throw spicy parties[/caption]

YouTube Las Vegas GalIt has its own entertainment lounge and bar[/caption]

The bomb shelter turned luxury party haven stretches out on almost 15,000 square feet, sitting 26ft below the Nevada desert.

It boasts five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a bar and game lounge, a pool, a guest house and no peek-through windows, giving the owner complete privacy.

You can also find a barbecue area, a carpeted six-hole putting green and a dance floor with a stripper pole.

The home was built by entrepreneur Jerry Henderson and his wife, Mary, in 1978.

Instead of the Strip city lights or surrounding mountains, owners can wake up to hand painted murals of where the Hendersons had homes in: upstate New York, Colorado, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.

The mid-century-style home measures about 6,000 square feet and resembles the Las Vegas home at the time.

Even though it doesn’t get sunshine, wind or rain, you can adjust the entire underground lighting system to portray dusk, dawn or fully pitch black.

The listing described the home as an “underground party palace” that is “secure, hidden, private and soundproof”. I

“The famous Las Vegas Underground House offering the ultimate pool party play house, underground,” it read.

“This play-land it is built inside of a subterranean stronghold bunker buried underneath a one acre estate.

“The bunker contains an indoor, underground, pool/spa waterfalls, house, guest house, yard space, trees and views all in your chosen temperature setting 365 days a year.”

Upstairs, you still get another entire home above ground, built by Jerry’s wife Mary after her husband died in 1983.

But the fun features doesn’t seem attractive enough to buyers as the owner has been struggling to shift the home.

The infamous Las Vegas Underground House was previously on the market for $18m in 2019.

It then got a significant price cut in January 2021 before it was listed at its current price in February 2023.

The Society for the Preservation of Near Extinct Species, a secretive society whose goal is to increase human lifetime, paid $1.15 million for it in 2014.

The society refurbished it in part, allowing for internet and cell phone service, but chose to maintain most of the 1970s-style décor.

Society member Tee Thompson oversaw the property and lived in the house.

He told Las Vegas Review-Journal: “That was (the Hendersons’) idea to use it as a cold-war bunker and a reflection of the era they lived in.

“Their concerns were valid to them, so they built a home 26ft under the ground. This was their everyday home.”

“I get to choose whether I want it day, night, dusk or dawn,” Thompson told the Review Journal about living in the home.

“When it is dark, it is pitch black, and it’s very peaceful and quiet. I don’t get to hear the outside elements.

“It’s beautiful being down here. If you’re not focused on what you’re doing, you lose track of time.”

YouTube Las Vegas GalA billiards table is also included in a designated room[/caption]

YouTube Las Vegas GalThe underground home has a swimming pool and jaccuzzi[/caption]

YouTube Las Vegas GalThe home’s primary bedroom, nicknamed ‘The Pink Room’[/caption]

YouTube Las Vegas GalThe kitchen still has its original appliances from the 1970s[/caption]

YouTube Las Vegas GalThe hidden house also has a very spacious living room[/caption]

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