Inside world’s fastest superyacht worth £39million named after famous race horse – and it can go quicker than your car

Inside world’s fastest superyacht worth £39million named after famous race horse – and it can go quicker than your car

THE world’s fastest superyacht has made waves ever since it was built back in 2014 – going on to be worth a whopping £39million.

The stunning 174ft palace on the seas is named Alamshar – after the famous racehorse – and has multiple luxury decks trimmed with gold.

AlamyThe world’s fastest superyacht is the Alamshar – named after a famous race horse[/caption]

The 174ft yacht is owned by billionaire Aga Khan and can reach top speeds of 51.7mphAlamy

Owned by mega billionaire and horse racing fanatic Aga Khan, the beautiful white yacht is powered by six gas turbine engines and 112 water jets that make it soar across the water.

This propels it to a mighty impressive maximum speed of 70 knots or 80mph with its set of Rolls-Royce engines, according to Yacht Harbour.

This means the boat can travel quicker than you on the motorway with the UK speed limit being 70mph.

The yacht offers luxury accommodation for up to 10 guests alongside a helpful crew also of 10 in the five cabins.

This crew is responsible for Khan’s wishes of an exceptional level of service and comfort on board at all times.

With multiple decks with a lavish gold interior the superyacht is regarded as one of the greatest boats on the ocean for its size and speed.

With the yacht being worth so much it also means the Alamshar costs an insane amount to keep up to scratch.

Her annual running costs are estimated to be at around £4million with this figure expected to rise upwards as the world continues to see an increase in prices for fuel, materials and new technology.

As a marvel of engineering the yacht took 13 long years to complete after being designed by Redman Whitely Dixon and built by Devonport Yachts.

Spending most of her time at the Devenport shipyard in Plymouth until being finally ready to set sail in 2014.

But surprisingly the top speed was actually almost 30mph slower than what the original plans were aiming for.

Challenging construction issues plagued the yacht and delayed the finishing of it until 2014 where it failed to hit the 70 knots (80mph) ambition but still smashed past an impressive speed.

Owner Khan has been called the “world’s most elusive billionaire” before and he boasts a sprawling property empire that also includes the biggest private jet on the planet.

A racing mogul who owned arguably the most famous horse ever in Alamshar, he is a spiritual leader and made headlines for his jaw-dropping £10.5billion net worth.

The world of superyachts

The title of the world’s biggest superyacht goes to Yacht A that can accommodate up to 24 people and 54 crew members.

Coming in at 468ft-long, the £360million yacht, took four years to build and boasts eight decks, which are connected by multiple lifts.

It also has free-floating spiral staircases and three masts that are taller than Big Ben’s tower and stretch up from the extraordinary wedge-shaped boat hull.

Alongside a garage fit for four vehicles and a submarine, as well as a helipad on the bow.

And a superyacht dubbed the world’s most expensive and unique one ever is wrapped with gold, covered in platinum and sparkling with an aquarium laced wall.

If all those glistening metals aren’t enough to cover the jaw dropping £3billion cost there are also genuine T-rex bone shavings in the main bedrooms.

The yacht, named History Supreme, has long been known as the “king of bling of the high seas” as no other luxury liner has ever got close to beating its mammoth price tag.

Most of the price comes from the fact it is covered in 100,000kg of gold, platinum and dazzling jewels.

The railings, decking, dining area and even the base of the boat is all wrapped in gold and even the anchor was specially made to be dipped in gold.

Jaw dropping plans for a shark inspired £826million superyacht fit for a king have also been unveiled.

The flashy floater is set to be so huge passengers will need a golf cart to explore its lavish confines.

Outrageous is the brain-child of Italian design studio Lazzarini, and its design is inspired by a hammerhead shark.

The windows of the ship will pay-homage to this and will represent teeth and gills.

The 322 metre long boat boasts a huge top deck which overhangs the bow, mimicking the distinctive eye and nostrils characteristics of its sea life inspiration.

The vessel is also painted in a shark-like grey for added effect.

The yacht is worth a whopping £39millionAlamy

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