Inside creepy abandoned Canary Island hotel once popular with Brits that’s been left to rot for 20 years

Inside creepy abandoned Canary Island hotel once popular with Brits that’s been left to rot for 20 years

A CREEPY abandoned Canary Islands hotel once popular with Brits is set to be knocked down after being left to rot for nearly 20 years.

The Hotel Neptuno became one of Tenerife’s top hotels during the 1960s and 70s and was regarded as one of the best holiday destinations for a cheap getaway by the sea.

www.momentsinthesky.comLetters spelling out ‘Hotel Neptuno’ still run down the side of the building[/caption]

www.momentsinthesky.comThe hotel’s swimming pool has dried out and been left to rot[/caption]

Old brochure photos reveal how the hotel used to look before it shut

But within 50 years, the establishment was shut down and now looks more like a half-built car park than a respectable holiday destination.

Located in the coastal town of Bajamar on the northeast of the island, the building had its insides completely stripped before the doors were slammed shut for good.

Those willing to pay a visit to the permanent eyesore will see a building covered in graffiti, void of colour and containing a dried out swimming pool.

The only evidence of it being the Hotel Neptuno is the giant letters up the side of the building spelling out its name.

Access to the grounds is reportedly completely sealed off, with a near permanent security presence preventing any vandals or curious individuals from gaining access.

But overlooking the coastline, the site represents the perfect location to rebuild again.

And despite being left behind for almost two decades, plans were finally announced last May to begin demolition of the former hotel.

The managing director of the La Laguna Urban Planning Department, Santiago Perez, said the property was “generating serious health and safety problems,” Tenerife Weekly report.

Mr Perez added that the issues were also affecting “the living conditions of the surrounding residents”.

However, he assured that with this measure, “the foundations are clearly being laid for a future development of the northeast coast.”

When Hotel Neptuno closed in 2007, it wasn’t because of a lack of customers or competition from other hotels.

Sadly, the hotel failed to keep up with demands and expectations from its customers.

“The nature of people’s expectations changed,” explained experts from travel company Moments In The Sky.

“Northern Europeans, and not just the Brit’s, didn’t want holiday camps anymore.

“They wanted a la carte meals, they wanted air conditioned rooms – they wanted better.”

Hotel Neptuno also wasn’t helped by the introduction of a new airport on the other side of the island.

It meant that holiday-goers could seek sun elsewhere, and the entire town of Bajamar became lost through a lack of interest.

Admittedly, it took another 30 years for the hotel to fully feel the impact, managing to drag itself along to the mid-2000’s.

But it eventually succumbed to closure in 2007 when its parent company went bankrupt.

Elsewhere, an abandoned beach resort has been left frozen in time after being destroyed by a hurricane disaster.

Nestled on a patch of land between a reclusive beach and a jungle labyrinth and surrounded by rotting animal carcasses and crumbling pools, Club Maeva Tulum in Mexico is a shadow of its former self.

And a luxury seaside hotel left abandoned years ago recently went on sale for £8million, but the once-impressive resort needs a lot of work.

The hotel boasts hundreds of rooms, tennis courts, bars and a nightclub – but after 14 years of neglect it has fallen into disrepair.

www.momentsinthesky.comDespite offering impressive views of the sea, the hotel has been abandoned for almost 20 years[/caption]

www.momentsinthesky.comA rear view of the hotel shows open windows and balconies left to rot[/caption]

www.lalagunaahora.comAccess to the grounds has been completely sealed off, with a near permanent security presence now on site[/caption]

www.momentsinthesky.comGraffitied rooms and hallways are visible from outside[/caption]

www.pinterest.esThe Hotel Neptuno was a popular with Brits during the 1960s and 70s[/caption]

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