Moment daring models strut catwalk wearing only sticky tape in VERY raunchy ‘Black Tape Project’ fashion show

Moment daring models strut catwalk wearing only sticky tape in VERY raunchy ‘Black Tape Project’ fashion show

THIS is the dramatic moment a group of models stalked down a catwalk wearing nothing but sticky tape.

The Black Tape Project, part of this year’s New York Fashion Week, is known for its raunchy and bold choice of outfits.

Models with the Black Tape Project at New York Fashion Week 2024Getty

GettyOne model is kitted out with angular black lines of tape over her breasts and intimate areas[/caption]

GettyAnother had a leaf made out of tape covering her intimate area[/caption]

GettyAnother model is covered in glittering green tape[/caption]

And this year was no exception as a group of models strutted their stuff down the runway with just strips of duct tape covering their bodies.

In 2018 the project first hit the runway – leaving audiences shocked as cuffs and anklets were made out of the tape as well as nipple coverings and g-strings.

This year daring pictures show a new set of models taking on the show with even less tape over their breasts, legs and elsewhere.

In 2023 at Miami Swim Week many of the models had shimmering, metallic pieces of tape placed in geometrical patterns over their stomach and breasts.

Others were given just a leaf-shaped patch of tape to cover their intimate areas.

One model could even be seen with decorative chains draped across her stomach and chest.

This year designer Joel Alvarez has kept up the theme.

A self-dubbed “king of tape”, Alvarez held an open casting call this year inviting models to come and audition.

They captioned the ad: “Bring heels and swimwear that shows off your figure.

“Looking for bodies that inspire new tape designs and have experience walking runway. Everyone is welcome.

“Come meet the dragons”.

Alvarez, who calls himself Drakhan Blackhart, writes on his website that he is “the world’s only body tape expert, founder and pioneer of the Body Tape Art Genre”.

The designer reveals his history as a first generation Cuban American who was raised in Miami.

He talks about living in his car for a while, having no money and struggling to survive.

Alvarez later found over £25,000 hidden away in a house handed down to him and used it to turn his life around.

After years of teaching himself about photography and working with local models he ended up taping one of the girls.

And 15 years later his designs are filling the catwalks and shocking the audiences.

Designer Joel Alvarez stands with his models after the showGetty

GettyOne model had an interesting diamond shaped design outlined on her body with shimmering tape[/caption]

GettyAnother had curves around her bum made from tape[/caption]

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