Terrifying moment rampaging elephant smashes wall & ploughs into home trampling owner to death in front of neighbours

Terrifying moment rampaging elephant smashes wall & ploughs into home trampling owner to death in front of neighbours

THIS IS the terrifying moment an elephant charged into a house and trampled the owner to death in India.

The CCTV footage shows the residents fleeing the streets in a gated home as the beast smashed through the fence.

ViralPressCCTV footage shows residents fleeing the streets as they spot the elephant[/caption]

ViralPressOne resident stumbled as he was trying to escape[/caption]

ViralPressThe elephant smashes through the fence and ploughs into home[/caption]

ViralPressThe aggressive jumbo trampled the homeowner to death[/caption]

The aggressive jumbo was recently relocated from Karnataka to the Bengur Forest Range but attacked a nearby village in Kattikkulam, Kerala, on February 10.

In a horrifying clip, the people are seen seeking refuge as the elephant caught up with them.

Tragically, resident Ajeesh, 46, stumbled as he was trying to escape and he was trampled to death by the four-tonne bull.

Shocked neighbours were later seen carrying Ajeesh off the property.

The victim was rushed to Mananthavady Medical College to be treated but died from his injuries.

After the local’s death, Forests and Wildlife Minister AK Saseendran said they would meet to address the issue and warned locals not to attack elephants in retaliation.

The forestry worker appealed for cooperation from the community amid protests to provide compensation for the victim’s family.

Ajeesh was said to be a tractor driver and the sole breadwinner for his household.

The local government promised to provide a job for his wife and give them £9,529 compensation.

During a meeting with Ajeesh’s father, Joseph, AK Saseendran said: “The safety of both the residents and the wildlife must be prioritised, and a comprehensive plan of action should be devised to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.”

Ajeesh was the fifth person injured in human-animal-related conflicts in five weeks in Kerala.

Deforestation and development activities like farming, roads, and mining have led to habitat loss and fragmentation for elephants.

As elephants raid crops for food, they come into contact and conflict with humans, trying to protect fields and homes.

In response, the Indian government has tried measures like compensation schemes for farmers, electric and solar fence installations, and creating alternative water sources away from villages.

This comes after a rampaging elephant chased tourists who tried to take selfies with it and nearly trampled one to death.

The incident happened along a national highway in India when two men left their car to snap selfies with the jumbo behind them.

But as they approached, the elephant suddenly went berserk and rushed towards them.

One of the tourists tripped on the side of the road as the elephant suddenly stopped and turned towards him as he lay on the ground.

To the man’s luck, the huge creature then turned around before heading back to the wild.

Another tourist was attacked in India after she teased an elephant with a banana.

The shocking footage shows the young lady trying to feed the four ton beast before it aggressively storms into her – tusks and all.

ViralPressThe villagers are running to seek refuge from the elephant[/caption]

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