Much has changed over the last year and things continue to evolve.  Is it time your business had a post-Covid re-think?

Much has changed over the last year and things continue to evolve.  Is it time your business had a post-Covid re-think?

The last twelve months have been a steep learning curve for everyone – understanding the role of an epidemiologist and the “R value”, getting to grips with the meaning of “viral load” and “herd immunity” – all things with which we would not have been familiar were it not for the Covid pandemic.

We have also learnt the importance of resilience within the workplace: how to survive within a new environment and adapt to new ways of working. The speed at which pharmaceutical companies met the challenge of finding, testing and manufacturing a Covid vaccine is just one impressive example.

As the UK starts to open up after its third and longest lockdown, the question on everyone’s mind is how much will change and how much will stay the same in the post-pandemic world?

Location isn’t everything

When it comes to office-based work, the last year has demonstrated that location is not as crucial as some originally thought.  The evolution of technology has enabled employees to collaborate and work effectively from multiple remote locations.  Businesses are re-examining how they use their office space with some looking to make savings through office closures and others aiming to accommodate team growth without the need to provide more desk space.

Over recent weeks, there has been much talk of law firms implementing restructuring programmes and adopting new ways of working.  The long-established model of locally-based teams has persisted for perhaps longer than might have been expected and it’s not surprising that businesses are choosing this moment to question how things should be done in the future.

Using our document review services

At Global BPO, our document review teams have been an integral part of our clients’ businesses for many years – long before Covid! Our experienced teams of lawyers and paralegals provide document review assistance for eDisclosure, Data Subject Access Requests, Due Diligence and investigations.

We provide standard, evening and weekend cover and we’re used to working to tight timeframes.  We always recommend engaging as early as possible to ensure critical deadlines can be met.

Usually, document review software is deployed to process, de-duplicate and refine the data before the documents are reviewed by our teams.  We are software independent and work with both proprietary and non-proprietary software.

A Project Managers oversees the project and coordinates first-level Quality Assurance as well as daily client updates.   Once the review is complete, production of the disclosable documents takes place in the agreed format.

Our clients also have peace of mind with regards to confidentiality and information security.   Our services are GDPR-compliant and we are ISO 27001-certified with secure and robust processes and systems in place.

Global BPO’s document review services enable law firms to manage fluctuations in workload, increase profitability and strengthen market share, whilst over-burdened in-house legal teams gain significant cost savings and more time to focus on core business.

The future is flexible

No one has a crystal ball but if we had to predict a principal trend for the future, it would be flexibility. Businesses want agile and scalable streamlined solutions so they can respond quickly and efficiently to new opportunities, fluctuating workload and economic challenges.

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