The Visible, And Invisible Benefits Of Coloured Glass Splashbacks

The Visible, And Invisible Benefits Of Coloured Glass Splashbacks

If you’ve always tended to assume that kitchens have to use tile as backsplashes, think again.

Today, glass splashbacks are one of the hottest new ways to not only create a more hygienic kitchen, but also to create a kitchen that feels warmer, cleaner, larger, lighter, and with more topics. There are several problems with mosaics, even though there is a wide selection available.

The tiles are difficult to put in place and are time consuming. Aligning tile takes skill, practice, and time, and when it comes to awkward corners, pipe holes, and oddly shaped areas, it can be very difficult to get it right. But even though you may be able to do it right or pay someone to do it for you, the next problem is that you will end up with grout. This is the white matter between tiles and, unlike tile, grout can flake, flake, and is porous. This makes it an ideal surface for bacteria, spores and germs to reproduce and spread, and since the splashes are only inches from your food, this does not make it an ideal choice for the kitchen.

However, there is another problem besides these two, which are quite well known and accepted. The third drawback to using tile as a backsplash in the kitchen is the fact that the tiles don’t really reflect light. Tiles, even fairly pale ones, reflect relatively little light. Darker colored tiles, including the very popular black tiles, absorb most of the light, and this can make the entire kitchen feel smaller, darker, and dingier.

Colored glass Splashbacks offer advantages in all three cases, offering an easier, more convenient, healthier and more hygienic option that can completely transform the appearance of your entire kitchen in ways that are absolutely impossible with any other material. Tinted glass dashboards are made by tinting the glass completely front to back or simply applying a film of tinted glass to the back of the dash. In any case, stained glass takes on an impressive color tone, and because it is glass, light can freely pass through it, reflect off the back, and refract through the glass. This results in the entire room feeling lighter and brighter, and depending on the color you choose, it can create a royal atmosphere.

For example, if you use red or mirror Splashbacks, you can make the entire room feel warm and inviting, with yellow or green glass backsplashes that make the room feel fresh, summery, and bright. Splashes of blue create a very fresh, clean and springy feel, and there are plenty of other colors to experiment with. Even black Splashbacks made of glass reflect much lighter than tiles, due to the depth of the glass. Glass, which offers nowhere to hide germs and bacteria, offers a real benefit in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. A quick spray and a wipe is all it takes not only to clean, but also at a deep level.

It’s also worth noting that the colored glass Splashbacks are custom made off-site, so there’s no need to worry about cutting, adjusting, and managing to work in awkward corners or integrating pipe holes. All of this will be done so that once the backsplash is delivered, it can be fitted in minutes, offering good looks and hygiene for life. A kitchen equipped with colored glass backsplashes offers advantages that are practical and invisible, both hygienic and atmospheric, and whether you are looking for comfort or to create a look that impresses, the only thing that glass backsplashes have. It doesn’t have to be as expensive as many people instinctively assume.

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