Inside world’s tallest INDOOR bungee jump dubbed ‘The Abyss’ for thrillseekers who don’t want to risk a rainy leap

Inside world’s tallest INDOOR bungee jump dubbed ‘The Abyss’ for thrillseekers who don’t want to risk a rainy leap

ADRENALINE junkies might be in for a treat as they can take a deep plunge into the abyss – quite literally.

The world’s tallest indoor bungee jump, named The Abyss, is certainly not for the fainthearted as you’d take a spine-chilling 150ft plunge.

The Abyss/MagnaYou can pay £50 to jump into the abyss at the world’s tallest indoor bungee jump[/caption]

The Abyss/MagnaGuests will take a spine-chilling 150ft plunge[/caption]

The Abyss/MagnaThe adrenaline-fuelled attraction is located in Yorkshire[/caption]

Located in Yorkshire, The Abyss could be one of the world’s scariest adrenaline experiences as it would test your nerves from start to finish.

For £50 a jump, thrillseekers climb up to the platform in semi-darkness to pumping music, dry ice, and seven giant video screen giving you a tease of what’s to come.

Since it opened in 2005, The Abyss has been used as a venue for numerous TV and film projects as it is set in a former steelworks in Magna, Rotherham.

Those wanting to take it up a notch can book “The Awesome Foursome”, a highly intense day including a zip wire, abseil, a free-fall experience and bungee jump.

Meanwhile, Europe is home to the world’s biggest indoor water park – with 18 swimming pools and 35 water slides.

The cold weather has people planning lots of fun days out, with indoor water parks being a great choice for the entire family.

Despite being the biggest water park in the world, most Brit holidaymakers probably haven’t heard about Suntago: Park of Poland.

Suntago: Park of Poland is about an hour’s drive away from Warsaw.

The water park covers a whopping 75,000 square metres, and is divided into three distinct zones, Jamango, Relax Suntago, and Saunaria.

Across the entire water park, there are more than 35 water slides and 18 swimming pools, while the inside temperature never drops below 32C.

The Jamango zone is the water park’s only space for families with young children.

Jamango is a water jungle area covered with 300 palm trees, while 400 sunbeds are dotted around the various pools.

There are a whopping 35 water slides in this zone, including Dark Thunder, where parkgoers climb on an inflatable ring before being plunged through the slide’s dizzying depths.

There’s also a 130m lazy river ride in the Jamango zone called the Adventure River.

In nearby Germany sits the world’s largest indoor beach – housed in a resort the size of eight football pitches

With room enough to fly a hot air balloon, the enormous attraction can host up to 6,000 visitors at one time and even includes a forest filled with 50,000 plants.

Tropical Island Resort in Krausnick, nestled in the German countryside, also boasts the world’s largest indoor swimming pool.

A former aircraft hanger was transformed into the tropical paradise which, from birds eye view, almost looks like its own island.

A spa, waterfall, whirlpools and water slides are just some of the elaborate features included in the unique hotspot.

And the idyllic ‘island’ offers visitors an air temperature of 26 degrees, providing warm respite from the chilly winters south of Berlin.

The Abyss/MagnaThrillseekers jump off the platform to pumping music and dry ice for a dramatic backdrop[/caption]

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