Trolls mum-shame me for my ‘skimpy’ outfits because I tell my kids to cover up…you wouldn’t tell children to drink booze

Trolls mum-shame me for my ‘skimpy’ outfits because I tell my kids to cover up…you wouldn’t tell children to drink booze

A MUM is hitting back at trolls who shamed her for wearing “skimpy” outfits while her kids have to cover up.

Victoria, known online as @toriyav, responded to mum-shaming on her TikTok account.

TikTok / toriyavVictoria got called out on her “hypocrisy” for covering up her kids and dressing “skimpy”[/caption]

TikTok / toriyavThe mum-of-two said she’s allowed to dress how she wants as an adult[/caption]

In a video, she explained that she can wear revealing clothes because she’s an adult.

She said: “I can protect myself, my children cannot.

“Just because adults drink alcohol should kids be able to as well?”

Victoria has over 390,000 followers on TikTok where she regularly shares her parenting methods.

The TikTok was a response to a previous video of Victoria where she shared her rules for the kids that people “would probably disagree with”.

The TikTok star, dressed in a low-cut crop top, listed the set of rules for her children that included “no sleepovers, no soda, earning allowance”.

And the one that caught people’s attention – “wearing shorts under skirts”.

The critics quickly pointed out the “hypocrisy” of Victoria who is often seen showing her skin.

One commenter said: “But you’re teaching by example. To them, you’re going to seem hypocritical and they’re going to resent you for it. Lead by example.”

Another one added: “yeah but a child that’s never had alcohol as a child will watch an alcoholic parent and become one themselves. They learn by example, not authority.”

One online user said: “Doesn’t matter. Your kids listen to what you do, not what you say.”

But some TikTok fans came to her defence.

One fan wrote: “She is a grown woman, adult while these are her children and they should be dressed safely.”

“Children are sexualised enough as it is, think that’s why she has shorts rule,” agreed another.

One woman said: “With the same logic I guess my children should be able to drive cars, go to the bar, be out alone at night.”

This isn’t the first time the mother of two gets furious backlash from online users.

Previously, she shared her daughter’s bedtime routine where she put her to sleep past midnight.

The video got 2.9 million views and people criticised the young mum for selfish” parenting.

Another controversial sleeping routine got a mum shamed for letting her baby sleep on a floor “bed“.

The mum-of-two told how she lets her one-year-old sleep on a mattress on the floor and quickly divided social media users over the topic.

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