Hamas terrorists ‘paraded severed heads of Israeli victims’ in October 7 massacre, survivor claims

Hamas terrorists ‘paraded severed heads of Israeli victims’ in October 7 massacre, survivor claims

A SURVIROR of the horror October 7 massacre claims Hamas terrorists paraded severed Israeli heads as a gruesome display of power.

The traumatised witness also said she saw terrorists rape a young woman multiple times before fatally shooting her in the head.

EyevineThe site of the Supernova music festival after Hamas attack on October 7[/caption]

ReutersIsrael’s investigation into attack has revealed more horrifying evidence[/caption]

The woman who witnessed the brutal acts had managed to hide in the vicinity, reported Jerusalem Post.

On October 7, Hamas fighters broke through the border fence and massacred 1,200 Israelis at nearby kibbutz and music festival.

The investigation into the Hamas terrorists responsible for the attack on that day has revealed more horrifying evidence.

One testimony included the woman who said she saw Hamas parading severed heads of Israeli victims “as if they were mere bags”.

Another revelation was a bone-chilling phone call between the police and a young girl who fell victim to the massacre.

In the conversation between the emergency call center and the 15-year-old, the girl can be heard pleading with the terrorists for her life.

She called out: “I have school tomorrow, leave me alone.”

At a certain point, the Hamas member took the phone and engaged with police operator, presumably in Arabic.

Despite the operator’s efforts to prevent the tragic outcome, the girl fell victim to the terrorist.

Israel has also revealed documents which suggest the terrorists “had planned to rape women.”

The documents allegedly belonging to Hamas contain an Arabic-Hebrew translations of sexual terminology with phrases like “take your pants off”.

Israel has shared 50 translations on its official X account and claimed the documents are “evidence of war crimes”.

They wrote in the post: “This evidence suggests that Hamas terrorists planned to systematically rape Israeli women. This is a war crime. #BelieveIsraeliWomen.”

Israel has previously shown hundreds of horror videos and photos “documenting war crimes” by Hamas terrorists against its citizens.

The investigation into the terrorists showed that each squad had two members responsible for documenting the massacre- one operating a Go-Pro camera, and another livestreaming the atrocities directly to Hamas headquarters.

Hundreds of shocking images and graphic videos were posted on the website and shared with journalists, showing merciless violence on innocent women and children.

Israel has since declared war on Hamas and pounded Gaza with unprecedented number of airstrikes, which killed 9,000 people.

EPAIsrael has retaliated with unprecedented number of airstrikes on Gaza[/caption]

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