Paranoid and ‘sick’ Putin DOES use body doubles and has ‘clean zone’ where staff quarantine, says Russian investigation

Paranoid and ‘sick’ Putin DOES use body doubles and has ‘clean zone’ where staff quarantine, says Russian investigation

PARANOID Putin does use body doubles and locks his staff away inside a quarantined “clean zone”, a Russian investigation claims.

The new report accused the tyrant of increasingly isolating himself and hiding from public view by relying on doppelgangers as rumours of his ill health run rampant.

AFPPutin has found away to keep away from attendees at 43 per cent of meetings this year, the report claims[/caption]

East2WestPutin’s changing facial features have sparked rumours that he he uses lookalikes or plastic surgery to disguise his ailing health[/caption]

The ageing ruler reportedly keeps his staff locked in a Kremlin ‘clean zone’ and  is accompanied by a huge team of doctors on all of his trips

The independent Russian media outlet, Proekt, led an investigation into 71-year-old Putin’s past year of so-called “public” meetings.

Analysing 521 meetings and speaking to Kremlin journalists, they alleged that Putin hides from visitors and has switched over a fifth of meetings to video to hide his sickness and use of body doubles.

During 43 per cent of his meetings (224 of them), Proekt claims that the president “one way or another keeps his distance”, suggesting he could be hiding his use of doppelgangers.

Over 113 of his meetings were conducted over video, including almost all with his Security Council as they made major decisions over his bloody war in Ukraine without him physically present.

At only 36 per cent of the engagements, Putin appeared in-person and non-distanced, but allegedly only after the attendees had been forced to quarantine.

The investigation claims that three negative covid tests are needed before anyone could be in the leader’s vicinity and that the despot is obsessed with the threat of germs.

In total, Putin appeared in public only 147 days this year.

And for all those who regularly come into contact with Putin, they are reportedly forced to stay within a designated “clean zone” locked away inside the Kremlin.

His staff are said to live and work within quarantined boarding houses that include an old sanatorium and are barely allowed out into public.

Before they are due to be near Putin, the staff are allegedly forced to “sit for a long time in a locked room” due to the tyrant’s fears for his health.

Proekt also spoke to several senior journalists in the designated “Kremlin pool” who reportedly claimed that Putin’s continuously strange behaviour led them to believe he must be using body doubles.

This week, the 71-year-old ruler made his first trip to the Middle East since his full-scale invasion into Ukraine.

The ageing president was reportedly accompanied by a huge team of doctors who chaperone him on all of his trips as he reached the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Insiders are allege that several secret service agents are assigned the unglamorous task of collecting his stools and urine to deliver back to Moscow in a “special suitcase”.

Such precautions are allegedly taken to conceal information about his potential illnesses.

It comes as Putin refused to stand within 70ft of Britain’s new ambassador to Moscow for “sanitary reasons” at a diplomatic ceremony – sparking fresh rumours of ill health.

He insisted on keeping a huge distance between himself and other diplomats at the Kremlin event – including the UK’s Nigel Casey as he ignored the 21 envoys.

Telegram channel General SVR claimed a Putin body double attending the meeting with the ambassadors, which explained the 70ft distance to avoid any suspicion.

Claims of Putin using stand-ins or body doubles have been mounting in recent months and have been ferociously denied by the Kremlin.

Even Ukraine said it is a “fact” that he uses body doubles to argue that the Russian ruler is on his last legs.

Earlier in October, the Kremlin was forced to issue an extraordinary denial at the end of last month after false reports swirled that Putin had died.

Claims surfaced in a Telegram channel that Putin had died at his Valdai palace, just north of Moscow, and that his body was being kept in a freezer.

Ukrainian intelligence then alleged that Putin faked his own death in a bizarre bid to test his popularity among the Russian public.

The head of Ukrainian military intelligence Lt-Gen Kyrylo Budanov alleged the real Putin hadn’t been seen since June 2022.

He said last month: “The one, who everyone used to know, was last seen around 26 June 2022.”

Following the Kremlin’s denial, Putin brought back out his comically massive “social distancing” table – leaving a gaping distance between himself and meeting attendees.

His giant table meeting was a far cry from a recent spat of close-up meetings with other officials, further inciting rumours that the tyrant uses body doubles for certain engagements.

Also in October, a Japanese study using high-tech AI analysis claimed to have finally ‘proved’ that Putin uses body doubles.

The breakthrough research relied on facial recognition, voice comparison and body movements to indicate there are several different Vlads.

These fakes are rumoured to have undergone plastic surgery and training by his ex-KGB secret service to impersonate the iron-fist ruler.

Vladimir’s comically large table he conducts major meetings over

This week, the president kept far away from foreign ambassador’s including the UK’s Nigel Casey

The different chins of Putin which sparked further rumours of him using lookalikes

It is believed that the ‘fake Vlads’ undergo plastic surgery and elite training

APPutin increasingly hides away from public life citing ‘fears of covid’[/caption]

The viral footage of puffy-cheeked Putin that stirred ridicule online and sparked claims of plastic surgery to cover up his ailing health

A much younger looking Putin shows how much his face has changed

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