Putin’s top ally predicts ‘rivers of blood’ & warns globe hasn’t been closer to nuclear WW3 since Cuban Missile Crisis

Putin’s top ally predicts ‘rivers of blood’ & warns globe hasn’t been closer to nuclear WW3 since Cuban Missile Crisis

THE Kremlin today warned that the threat of a nuclear world war has never been so great since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

Former Russian president and close Putin crony Dmitry Medvedev predicted “new rivers of blood will flow”.

East2WestPutin’s ally warns globe hasn’t been closer to nuclear war since Cuban Missile Crisis[/caption]

APHe predicts a direct clash between Russia and Nato will lead to World War 3[/caption]

He lambasted the Biden administration’s attempts to force the US congress to approve more military support for Ukraine

He said: “Never have they extorted so much money for a minor state [Ukraine] that is in the process of collapse.

“Never have they so aggressively and brazenly extracted money for a country that openly corrupted the current President of the United States and members of his family.”

He was referring to allegations of shady business dealings linked to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, in Kyiv.

Medvedev added: “Never since the Cuban Missile Crisis has the threat of a direct clash between Russia and Nato leading to the Third World War been so real.”

Medvedev – known for outlandish rants threatening war – also accused various US presidents throughout history of blackmailing lawmakers to fund wars and aid their allies.

He continued: “The administration and their frightened fosterling [Ukraine] will, of course, receive the money. 

“Not now, but in the New Year – to continue business during the war at any cost. 

“And for this loot new rivers of blood will flow, for which the Biden family and all their Bandera bast**** are responsible.”

The Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962 is seen as the moment the world came closest to a nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union.

This is not the first time Putin’s closest ally – now deputy head of the security council – has issued a chilling warning about the brink of nuclear war.

Medvedev previously threatened to unleash World War 3 if the UK sends troops to Ukrainian soil.

He also made chilling threats to Ukraine’s president Zelensky, hinting of a new assassination attempt.

The sickening warning came after Zelensky told the Sun he’s survived five Moscow’s attempts on his life.

Putin’s pal cryptically warned the Ukrainian president is “unlikely to have a chance of living to old age”.

Medvedev was Russian president from 2008 to 2012 when Putin couldn’t seek reelection because of term limits.

The Kremlin crony was seen as a Putin surrogate, with the tyrant still leading the country behind the scenes as a prime minister.

Medvedev then handed the job back to the warmonger, but now he’s eyeing the reins of power again if death or sickness forces Putin out.

AFPClose Putin pal is predicted to be his successor when the tyrant leaves the post[/caption]

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