Instagram star Maria Sofia Valim, 19, dies after emergency transplant op as final pic shows her at Taylor Swift show

Instagram star Maria Sofia Valim, 19, dies after emergency transplant op as final pic shows her at Taylor Swift show

A TEENAGE influencer has tragically died after a liver transplant, as fans pay tribute.

Maria Sofia Valim’s dad Vitor announced the 19-year-old had a serious health problem and the family were searching for a donor two days before the December 7 emergency procedure.

Sofia died having undergone a liver transplant

The influencer also shared pics of her travelsInstagram

Maria Sofia Valim had recently gone to a Taylor Swift gig in Sao Paulo

The devastated politician, mayor of the Brazilian municipality of Caucaia in the north-east state of Ceara, has now confirmed her tragic death to fans, less than a month after his eldest daughter posted a selfie photo to her 103,000 Instagram followers showing her at Taylor Swift‘s November 25 concert in Sao Paulo.

Fans were left devastated after the teenager’s dad revealed her health problems.

Vitor Valim said in a shock announcement last Tuesday, referring to his daughter by her middle name which she tended to use as her first: “My eldest daughter Sofia is experiencing a serious health problem, which has led to her joining the queue for a liver transplant this morning.

“We would like to ask you to pray for my daughter and for all those who love her.”

Two days later he wrote on social media: “After following the legal procedures and joining the liver transplant queue, Sofia was able to find a donor due to the urgency of her case.

“This morning a compatible donor was found and the surgery was carried out successfully. However, the next 48 hours will still be an observation period so that we can find out if Sofia’s body will accept the new organ.

“I would like to express my sincerest thanks to the donor’s family for their sensitivity and for helping to restore my daughter’s life. God bless you.

“Please continue with your prayers and sending positive energy in this new stage of Sofia’s fight.”

The devastated politician announced his daughter’s death on Saturday, saying: “It is with the deepest pain and sadness that I inform everyone of the passing of my beloved daughter Sofia.

“Unfortunately, her body couldn’t resist. I thank everyone for the prayers and affection dedicated to me and my family in this moment of extreme suffering.”

Fans, friends and well-wishers reacted to the news with tributes and messages of support.

A friend and fellow influencer, commenting on the photo showing Sofia smiling with her right arm raised as crowds gathered behind her for Taylor Swift’s concert: “I don’t even know how many messages I’ve already sent you, but I’m writing to you once again.

“You will always be remembered with exactly that smile. Thank you for being so generous, thank you for being so helpful, thank you for believing so much in my biggest dream, helping me, cheering me on and encouraging me.

“I will carry everything with me for the rest of my life. I will always thank you.

“I will continue to pray for you every day. I know that God will receive you with unconditional love. Rest in peace, my love.”

Fashion model Larissa Farias said: “I am going to love you for ever.”

Digital creator Livia Benocio wrote: “Most beautiful princess! You shone here and you will shine like a little star beside our Father! Rest in peace. Family and friends cry at her departure but Heaven is celebrating welcoming you.”

Former teacher Aluisio Cavalcante Junior wrote on social media: “Sofia was my student. I remember your sweetness and affection during the time we lived together.

“There are no words to be said at this moment, just one certainty: her life was special, she was greatly loved, especially by her family, followed by the love of her friends, and she left many beautiful seeds in the hearts of those who had the joy of living with her.

“It was an honour to have been your daughter’s teacher.”

The tragic teenager’s dad, who like his daughter had also appeared on TV, has not revealed what prompted the health problems that led to her needing a liver transplant.

In October a radiant looking Sofia published an adorable photo of her cuddling her mum, saying in a message alongside it: “Found this picture and thought it couldn’t stay hidden away. Best friend.”

As well as sharing her daily routine and beauty tips online, the brunette also published photos of her holiday trips to places like the  volcanic archipelago of Fernando de Noronha off Brazil’s northeast coast.

InstagramTributes have poured in for the teenage influencer[/caption]

InstagramIt’s not known why Sofia needed a liver transplant[/caption]

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