Outnumbered Hamas threatens ‘worse & greater’ Oct 7-style attack but Palestinians turn on ‘madman’ terror chief Sinwar

Outnumbered Hamas threatens ‘worse & greater’ Oct 7-style attack but Palestinians turn on ‘madman’ terror chief Sinwar

HAMAS has threatened to carry out a “worse and greater” attack than October 7 on Israel as Palestinians start to turn on the boss of the terror group.

It comes as the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) continue to strike at fighters in the Gaza Strip.

APStreet-by-street fighting is now taking place in parts of the Gaza Strip[/caption]

Ordinary Palestinians are now turning against Hamas leader Yahya SinwarAFP

APHamas fighters have been giving themselves up to the IDF[/caption]

A spokesman for Hamas made the threat while speaking about a shooting attack carried out by two gunmen from the terror group at a bus stop in Jerusalem, according to the US think tank the Institute for the Study of War.

It reported that Abu Obeida said: “What is coming is worse and greater.” 

Three Israeli civilians were killed in the shooting attack, which was carried out hours before the humanitarian pause in the Gaza Strip expired.

“The spokesperson also acknowledged that Hamas has a military presence in the West Bank and mockingly asked if Israel is able to eliminate [Hamas] in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem,” the ISW added. 

As fighting in the Gaza Strip intensifies Hamas fighters are proving to be unable to match the strength and firepower of the IDF.

The IDF are now engaged in face-to-face confrontations in new areas of the territory, such as the city of Khan Younis, south of Gaza, where people have now been told to evacuate the centre as street-by-street fighting takes place.

Ordinary Palestinians are now becoming disillusioned with the fighting and are blaming Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar for their fate.

One civilian, who did not reveal their name, told Sky News inside Gaza: “We are tired, it’s enough, I don’t have any breath left in me.

“What resolution? Just give up and surrender.

“This is the act of idiots! He caused the death of his own people – Sinwar has killed his own people!”

That view has been backed up by a former top Hamas official who blamed the “madmen” in Gaza, including Sinwar, for the war, adding that ordinary people do not support the terrorists, according to a newly released interrogation video.

Yousef al-Mansi, a former communications minister for the Palestinian terror organisation, surrendered to Israel and blasted Sinwar and the group’s leaders, saying they orchestrated the October 7 terror attack which killed around 1,200 Israelis, throwing the country into conflict with the Palestinian territory, a Times of Israel report says.

“A madman threw a big stone,” al-Mansi said, summing the situation up for Israel’s Shin Bet interrogators in a video published Sunday.

He added: “This is a group of madmen that Sinwar leads. They destroyed the Gaza Strip. Set it back 200 years.”

Al-Mansi said that Sinwar suffers “delusions of grandeur” and claimed that no civilians in Gaza support Hamas or its leadership after more than two months of war have devastated the Palestinian enclave.

More than 17,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, are said to have been killed in the conflict, according Gaza’s Health Ministry, which is controlled by Hamas, although that figure has not been independently verified.

“People in the Gaza Strip say that Sinwar and his group destroyed us,” al-Mansi said. “I have not seen anyone in the Gaza Strip who supports Sinwar, nobody likes Sinwar. There are people who, day and night, pray that God will free us from him.” 

“What they did is unacceptable according to logic, religion or intellect,” al-Mansi said.

His comments come as Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called on Hamas terrorists to give themselves up to IDF troops.

In a video statement Netanyahu said: “In the past few days, dozens of Hamas terrorists have surrendered before our forces.

“They put down their weapons and turn themselves over to our brave fighters.”

“It will take more time, the war is still in full force, but this is the beginning of the end of Hamas,” he added. “I say to the terrorists of Hamas: It’s over. Don’t die for Sinwar. Surrender now.”

The IDF claims it has killed 7,000 Hamas members or allied terrorists since the conflict erupted in the wake of October 7 attack.

The IDF said it is currently battling Hamas in northern Gaza’s Jabaliya, Shejaiya, and Beit Hanoun, and in Khan Younis in southern Gaza.

ReutersHamas has threatened to carry out a ‘worse and greater’ attack than October 7[/caption]

The Israeli PM says ‘this is the beginning of the end’ for Hamas

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