I earn £80,000 a year doing a job no one wants – it is easy & I have no expenses, but there is a key problem

I earn £80,000 a year doing a job no one wants – it is easy & I have no expenses, but there is a key problem

A TRUCK driver in a remote part of the world has revealed his huge salary but says there are drawbacks to lining his pockets.

The Kiwi truck driver in Australia is making far more money than he could at home, but he says he’s missing his family.

Tiktok/@thebrossynzKerekere drives trucks in the Australian Outback, including the famed Pilbara[/caption]

Tiktok/@thebrossynzKerekere revealed how much he earns in a TikTok post[/caption]

The Brossy, Pete Kerekere, shared his experience working in Australia on TikTok

Truck driver Pete Kerekere, who goes by ‘The Brossy’ on social media, has revealed what it’s like to drive trucks in the Pilbara with the unorthodox lifestyle.

Kerekere earns far better money in Western Australia than he would in New Zealand, saying he earns around £80,000 a year to fly in and fly out.

He also has all his expenses covered including accommodation, food, and flights home to Aotearoa.

But, to earn that, the Ngāti Porou man works a nine-week roster away from home, with then two weeks back home.

Kerekere says: “Jobs easy, Big lifestlye change being away from whanau (family) is hard, especially my kids, mumsie (wife), my bros.”

In a 30-second clip, he shows his view driving through the Outback with text over the video explaining his experience.

Commenters, many who are also Kiwis working in Aussie, compared the companies and amounts they worked for with the poster.

“Is it worth it missing kids growing up? 150 seems bit low,” says one poster.

“It’s just a short term plan to meet some long term goals bro. not doing for years and years,” replies Kerekere.

In another TikTok video Kerekere reveals the mental challenges a First In First Out (FIFO) worker faces, expanding on the challenges.

Kerekere says: “When I first got over here I thought I was prepared but I was in for a shock eh.

“We are all away from our families, our friends, it’s not easy.”

Currently, on a working rotation, Kerekere said missed Christmas at home and would be in Australia.

Kerekere says he works on a weekly roster of 70-hour weeks on average with 24 hours guaranteed off.

He earns $52 per hour.

Meanwhile, another FIFO worker in Australia, under the name Mimi, has also revealed her similar Australian FIFA experience.

In a TikTok, Mimi bragged about the benefits of her job where she is able to make good money while all her expenses are covered by the employer.

Like Kerekere, Mimi enjoys paid flights, free accommodation and food, and even access to gym and swimming pool.

Tiktok/@thebrossynzKerekere says the biggest difficulty is being away from his whanau (family)[/caption]

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