I won £17million on Boxing Day lottery – I nearly lost it when I misread ticket but now I’m taking early retirement

I won £17million on Boxing Day lottery – I nearly lost it when I misread ticket but now I’m taking early retirement

AN AUSTRALIAN dad was getting ready for bed only to almost miss the fact he was £17m richer.

The unnamed Sydneysider was one of three winners of a $90million AUD (£48m) Boxing Day Lottery jackpot.

Three winners of an OZ Lotto jackpot will take home £17m each

He said he was getting ready for bed when he checked his ticket, initially thinking he had only won $32,000 (£17,000).

“I didn’t read it properly. That is so awesome. That is insane. That’s crazy.

“I saw there was a big draw tonight and I just thought, ‘stuff it, I’m going for it’. I can’t believe it. This type of thing doesn’t happen to someone like me.”

The OZ Lotto division one jackpot was struck by three winners, all from Sydney and each winning £16m.

In total, there were  1,995,230 winners with a total prize pool of more than $150m (£80m), with 31 division two winners winning $50,000 (£26,000) too.

A second jackpot winner claimed he had a sleepless night fantasising about retiring, helping family, and becoming an entrepreneur.

He told Australian Lotto provider The Lott: “Last night, I received three missed phone calls while I was driving. I wondered who it was. Then I saw a text telling me to check my tickets.”

“I couldn’t sleep a wink when I got home. Seriously, I haven’t slept for one moment.

“I’m laughing now but last night I was just in total shock. I can’t explain the feelings I was going through. I’ve never won anything, let alone millions of dollars!”

The third winner was from Western Suburbs’ Campbelltown and he also said he was looking at an early retirement and taking care of family.

“I can’t believe it. I’m shaking. I sometimes play, and today I saw there was a $90m draw, so I just grabbed a ticket this afternoon.

“I can’t believe it. It’s a dream come true.

“This is such a wonderful thing. My wife and I work very hard, but I think an early retirement is on the cards, along with helping our children and family.”

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