Digital Marketing: The trends of digital marketing 2021!

Digital Marketing: The trends of digital marketing 2021!


Today, more and more companies are changing the way they connect with their customers to develop their online presence. Is it time to accurately examine the goals of your own business, incorporating this year’s digital marketing trends in your strategy?

Digital Marketing 2021

It’s evident that due to the lockdown, consumers have spent more time than ever on social media and the internet in general. Thus, they encouraged – again more than ever – the commercial firms to look for several fresh practices for the online promotion of their products and services.

Does working well in the past mean it will have the same effect in the future? Do you think the content will continue to dominate? Which digital platforms should you invest in? How will you attract potential customers, and how will you retain existing ones? What is the digital marketing trends for 2021?

The following trends are included in the marketing plan of most successful companies for this year, so we assure you that they can significantly strengthen your brand’s position in the digital world.

1.   Video Marketing: The ultimate king of digital marketing

If you include videos on your site, then you are 50 times more likely to get organic traffic than plain text. This is because users prefer it, and Google ranks the sites that include videos higher. Consider, after all, that Gen Z now watches daily short videos on TikTok, while recently Instagram has seen action with Instagram Reels.

Video Marketing, therefore, possesses the number one position in digital marketing in 2021 and is by far the most popular trend. Remember that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Therefore, design quality mini-clips on your social media channels, start live sessions and stories, attract users, increase the public’s loyalty, and present your new products, even through the high-quality cameras that smartphones have.

2.   Search Engine Optimization: The cornerstone

Website optimization is always on the list of the hottest digital marketing trends. Local and small businesses can get the most out of local SEO and their listing on Google My Business. Additionally, A/B Testing continues to evolve, highlighting which version of your campaign or content works best for you. With the methods we just mentioned and the right tools, you will have an excellent ROI for your business.

3.   Personalization: What consumers expect

2020 was an unpredictable year for all businesses, with B2B and B2C commerce changing dramatically and consumers acquiring new shopping habits and boosting industries like Betting Sites. In the midst of all this, digital marketing has evolved globally, developing alternative trends in the image of the new reality.

Do you want your company to stand out? In 2021, personalization needs to remain a crucial component of your strategy. Personalize the UX you offer and the communication you have with your audience based on their preferences, interests, and behavior, thus building their personalized experience.

A shocking example of personalization – which you may have spotted – is on the Netflix platform, which personalizes its proposals based on recent activity and user preferences. Be an example.

4.   Marketing Automation: The dynamics of automation

67% of marketers use automation tools. Within 2021, this technology will evolve further, providing companies with multiple benefits. For example, it will help turn more users into potential customers, create even more personalized content, and make reports easier to analyze.

We anticipate, therefore, that marketing automation will be essential for an effective digital marketing plan, both this year and next!

5.   Visual & Voice Search: The visual and voice tools

Advanced technology has enabled users to search the internet for information without the typing process. Of course, visual and voice search are the factors that made this possible, and within the next decade, they will have an even more dominant role in the SEO game. But that means entrepreneurs need to adapt their websites and focus on visual and voice tools.

Visual Search

Visual searching can enhance the user experience taking it to another level. Users simply upload a photo of the item or product they are interested in by performing a visual search, and Google displays the most relevant results.

For a non-commercial item, the results contain informative or historical data. However, for a product, the information is more and inextricably linked to the consumer since the characteristics of the specific good, its price, as well as from where the user can obtain it is mentioned.

As for now, we suggest you upload high-quality photos with descriptive texts and keywords in alt-texts.

Some useful visual search tools are:

  • Pinterest Lens
  • Google Lens
  • CamFind
  • Bing Visual Search

However, visual search is not just a top digital marketing trend for 2021. Voice Search is equally prevalent in the digital environment.

Voice Search

The mobile assistants that the consumer public now has at its disposal show us that voice search is and will continue to be one of the top digital marketing practices. Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have become quite smart thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), providing valuable information to users in audio format.

Many brands are already investing in voice search, providing a rich voice UX to their audience. For example, Nestlé can give you voice instruction while you cook. Another example is Patrón Tequila which provides consumers with access to personalized cocktail recipes. Will you, seeing these moves by colossal companies, lag behind?

After all, it’s worth knowing that, according to experts, “the first to redesign their websites, supporting visual and voice search, will increase their e-commerce revenue by 30%.”

What Digital Marketing tactics will you adopt?

Digital marketing will continue to evolve rapidly to match the new habits and demands of consumers. If your business intends to remain competitive in the future internet world, then it must (constantly) adapt to digital marketing  trends.

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